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Solar Eclipse + Pisces New Moon February 2017

Sunday, February 26th, the sacred moon aligns in Pisces for a new moon.

This time of darkness and depth is a time that once was so sacred and powerful for women. This sacred time marked the time of menstruation and the invitation for women to make their way into the Red Tent.

As the moon moved inward, as did a woman's body. Naturally, women feel less sociable and outgoing during the new moon phase. This was a time for a woman to meditate, sit, ponder, take hot baths, swim. It was her time to contemplate her life, her journey and her sacred time.

The new moon's energy asks us - what are you ready to let go off? Just as we emotionally cleanse, we physically cleanse with our menstrual cycles.

While most women no longer cycle with the new moon, our bodies still ebb and flow in alignment with the moon.

With this new moon we are witnessing in the sign of Pisces, we feel a strong pull of emotions. If you've been feeling extra emotional the last few days or have had things feel chaotic, it is most likely the Pisces moon affecting you.

Pisces is a water sign that is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. A Pisces person or anyone experiencing a Pisces moon phase may feel that they are being pulled in two directions. Indecisiveness, instability and feeling ungrounded are common feelings during a Pisces moon.

Pisces offers a unique energy, however, in that it really allows us to tap into our emotions. Our heightened sensitivity give us the space to explore our wounds and and navigate the psych.

Mixed with the Solar Eclipse, we see a beautiful combination. When there is an eclipse, it is aid that the veil between worlds is thinnest. This is an incredible time to manifest.

Make space tonight!!! That is key. Let yourself do something that really refills you. A hot bath, yin yoga, a massage, dancing, singing, crystal bowls, OMing... anything that is soft and does not require a lot of exertion. Tap into the moon phase and your sacred womb space.

Let the wise moon guide you.


Three ways to celebrate this sacred moon time-

1. Start a fire and write out the things you are letting go off. Burn that paper in the fire.

2. Create an ecstatic yoga + dance party for one. Roll out your yoga mat and turn on some empowering music - see our playlist recommendations below. Begin to flow with the music, making your yoga practice whatever your body craves. Slowly buildup momentum until you are standing and let your body naturally move with the music.

3. Manifest! Get a piece of paper and write out what you are calling into your life! Financial abundance, a partner, a travel opportunity, an alignment... now is the time!


(For our playlist recommendation, search Cassandra Wilder on Spotify and listen to our Ecstatic Dance playlists!)

In lunar wisdom~

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