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  • Cassandra Wilder

How to make Moon Water (lunar water)

With having recently witnessed a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, we were asked by many women how they could make their own moon water at home. It is incredibly easy to make a lunar charged water and this water can then be used for different ceremonial purposes or energetically.

I like using lunar water in my baths, in my anointing oils, when I need to tap into a specific energy (leo full moon water when I need to be empowered, pisces moon water when I need to tap into my dreams and emotions etc.) and as a cleansing water on my altar.

Making lunar water is very simple! You'll need:

-a jar or glass bowl

-purified water (spring water is always ideal but any clean water will work)

-crystal like moonstone or quartz (optional)

How to make lunar water:

-fill your jar or bowl with your purified water, cover with a lid (to avoid bugs or things falling into it) and then set out in the moonlight. I like to set my jar directly on the earth as well instead of on a porch or concrete.

-if you feel called to use a crystal like quartz, lay the crystal on top of the jar OR inside of the jar if the crystal has been cleaned well and will not dissolve (selenite will dissolve in water).

-make a blessing over your water. We know that words make a huge difference in the energy of a substance. To make this water fully healing, bless the water to absorb the sacred lunar light, to be a healing medicine for you and to hold the wisdom of the astrology surrounding the moon.

-let sit overnight. If it is freezing outside, you can set the jar or bowl in a window seal. Bless it to ensure it fully absorbs the moon's rays from indoors.

-If your jar or bowl was covered this water can be consumed, but in small amounts. A shot glass amount would be enough for a day. This lunar water can be consumed daily or only during sacred times, it is up to you.

You can also choose to put your lunar water into a dropper bottle or smaller container. To prevent the water from growing bacteria, it is recommended to fill 1/4 of the bottle with organic alcohol like vodka or rum. Use a few drops in your bath water, in your mouth or onto your hands when you need to tap into the wisdom of that moon phase.

You can make lunar water with a full moon, new moon, during an eclipse and even during a sacred traditional holiday. The possibilities are endless!

Lunar water made during the time of an eclipse will be helpful when manifesting or birthing new ideas or creations.

Lunar water made during a Full Moon will in general help to empower you and motivate you.

Lunar water made during a New Moon will help you tap into your womb space and your shadow self.

You can also look at the phase the moon is in and let that determine how you use your moon water as well.

Enjoy making your sacred lunar water! )O(

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