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Leo Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse February 2017

On February 10th, 2017, the moon aligns in the sign of Leo for a powerful lunar eclipse. We haven't had a lunar eclipse since last September during the Fall Equinox and Harvest Moon

During this full moon in Leo, we see a heightened energy, full of light and passion. The full moon always brings light, illuminating all darkness and providing the space for celebration, but in the sign of leo, a fiery sign, we see this light intensify.

During a lunar eclipse as the moon falls into the earth's shadow, we are reminded of the journey we have walked and just how far we have come. A lunar eclipse can indicate a shadow self, asking us to look at the woman we are and to let go of the dark aspects of ourselves, but with the fusion of the full moon and leo alignment, it changes.

This moon is not just about the shadow.

This moon is about honoring the journey.

How far have you come in your journey? Where did you begin? Look to last year or the year before that. Where were you five years ago? Seven years ago? How have things shifted?

Honoring the cycle we are in and all of the bliss and sorrows allows us to celebrate where we are today.

Take time this evening to reflect on your journey. Write out where you were, what you believed in, who your partner was, how you felt during all of it. Did you feel lost? Were you empowered? Did you live your purpose?

Five years ago, I thought I knew my purpose. I was in college in Utah, had a partner who I was convinced I would marry, worked a decent job and thought that this was the way life would be for me. What I refused to believe then was that this was exactly the opposite of what I truly wanted. This reality seemed suffocating and yet I didn't know what else I could do. Isn't this the way you are supposed to live?

So much happens on our journeys that we do not always acknowledge, but we have all flowed through so much to be where we are now.

The leo energy is a powerful, bright light that celebrates all of this. For this lunar alignment, let's celebrate where we are and utilize the energy of the lunar eclipse in a healing shadow light.

How far have you come on your journey? Can you honor the woman you once were?

On this full moon + lunar eclipse, make space for yourself.

This moon is also a perfect time to receive clarity in what you are doing. If you feel like you do not know the next step or what you should do - take some time to yourself and let the lunar guidance flow into you.


Here are three ways to celebrate this healing moon-

-find a comfortable space and light 3 or more candles, white if you have them. Burn palo santo and lay out any crystals that you feel drawn to. Begin to journal and write out what you need guidance on. Let your words flow authentically and honestly as you share what it is you need support with. After you have finished, meditate and be open to receiving wisdom.

- d a n c e! Since this time is full of light, find an empowering playlist or artist and let your body move! Our favorite artist for this is Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda.

-Practice an empowering yoga class. Use a cypress or lemon essential oil and flow through a heated, centered practice. The full moon activating poses include firebird, downward facing dog, lunge and warrior 3. Let your body move empowered and connected to your breath.


Honor this moon time! As women, we are so deeply connected to the rhythm of the moon phases. As we reconnect to the lunar pull and honor ourselves with each moon time, we revive the wild woman within us.

Lunar love and blessings~

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