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  • Cassandra Wilder

3 Books All Women Should Read

In the many sacred feminine related books I have read, there are three that I turn to for wisdom time and time again. Three of the most excellent books I have ever read, I believe all women should read these three incredible books.

Book 1: Women Who Run with the Wolves

This book changed my life. Full of traditional stories and wisdom that once would have been passed down from mother to daughter. Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes draws striking similarities between the nature of women and the nature of wolves, and how they both have been hunted. I feel this book should be required reading for every young woman in the world. It is empowering, rich in wisdom and fascinating to read.

Book 2: Womb Wisdom

This is more of a specialized book but if you are looking to reconnect to your sacred womb space, this is the ultimate book. Full of sacred practices, trauma releasing exercises, affirmations and powerful stories - this is a must have book! It also includes a free CD with meditations. I knew this book was going to be incredible when in the first chapter it said that if you cannot respect and treat your yoni and womb with love, then don't bother reading this book. Amazing.

Book 3: The Red Tent

This powerful book is based on the true ways of life hundreds of years ago. Following the story of a young woman Dinah, this book paints a powerful and raw image of life as a woman many years ago. I enjoyed this book because it shows the strength and beauty of woman and also shows just how hard life once was. This book is on Audible and is narrated beautifully. Those who enjoy a story line will appreciate this book.

Of course there are hundreds of incredible books that can empower and celebrate the wild woman spirit. These are just three of my favorites that I feel most women would greatly benefit from.

What books transformed your life?

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