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How to Celebrate Sacred Imbolc

Each year on February 1st or 2nd, the first traditional holiday of the year, Imbolc, marks a sacred time of renewal, transformation and spring. Commonly pronounced "IM - olc" this powerful holiday marks the time between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

This sacred time reminds us of coming spring and the renewal of life. During the winter months, we see our bodies naturally want to stay indoors, be around close friends and family members and return to self care. As the days grow longer and the first tiny reminders of Spring return, we feel inspiration as life returns.

The Winter Solstice marks a time of letting go, decay and surrender. We let go of the things that hold us back so that we may sink into the winter months. Imbolc marks the return of the light and the celebration of the new year.

Imbolc represents the Goddess Brigid. Lady Brigid is a midwife and holds the energy of new life, rebirthing and creation. This of course does not need to be literally, but instead What are you choosing to birth or bring forth into the world?

Lady Brigid holds strength and direction, always standing near to support us through the difficult times.

Change is inevitable.

And she asks us to trust the change.

As you celebrate Imbolc, hold in the energy of change and transformation. Here are a couple more ways you can celebrate this sacred traditional time at home:

-Create an altar. Focus on the colors red and white. Lay down a red sheet and place white candles near the center. Have a vase of fresh flowers in the center. If you have a Goddess statue of Brigid, place it on the altar.

-Plant new intentions. Buy some seeds and literally plant them in a pot along with your dreams and intentions.

-Join together in song. One of my favorite songs for Imbolc is "We all come from the Goddess." Search for it on Spotify and you will be able to learn the simple lyrics quickly.

-Create an Imbolc Flower Essence. Find some flowers and lay them underneath the moon in a glass of water. This essence has now been super charged with the Imbolc time. Use this essence anytime you need support navigating change.

-Make an Imbolc bath salt. Because Imbolc is about transformation, it also requires time of self care. Make space to replenish yourself and think about the changes that need to happen in your own life. Use essential oils like geranium, lavender and rose and dried herbs of chamomile, rose and calendula.

-Build a sacred fire. Gather around a roaring fire and discuss change and transformation as you burn any remnants of winter and proudly reclaim what you are creating this year.

Make space to gather for this sacred time with sisters and empower yourself to create something new this cycle.

Lady Brigid is here supporting you through the challenges.


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