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Three of the Most Healing Crystals for Women

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

We are honored to be sharing a guest blog post by Meadow with, a crystal healer and intuitive. Enjoy!


Chances are you already own at least one crystal. You either know exactly where it is or you don’t. Maybe your home is filled with crystals or maybe you really do just have one. Was it a gift? Was it something you bought on a whim and still don’t understand why you spent money on a rock? Or was it something planned, felt and understood right from the get go?

Hello, my name is Meadow and I am a crystal worker, mother, educator, writer, jewelry maker, wildish gypsy goddess and I am so delighted to be a guest blogger here on Today I am writing about three must have crystals for women, aka Goddesses because after all, you ARE a goddess. Whether or not you’ve stepped into your power and self is another question but you are in fact, a goddess.

Crystals are magical and amazing tools given to us by the Mother Gaia, or Mother Earth, God, Source or the Universe… whatever term resonates the most with you is the one you should use. Everything we need to heal our bodies, to help us, to guide us is all here, right before us. It is the ultimate story, the ultimate game, the ultimate reality show, to navigate through this web of so called “life” and to figure out what it all exactly means and where it all leads to. Some of you may think you know exactly while others are trying to figure it out. We are all at different points of this journey and working with crystals can always be helpful no matter where you’re at.

There are many crystals to choose from. Walk into any crystal store and you can easily be overwhelmed. If you’re like me, you can never leave without something and it is usually more than one. We are drawn to crystals for a reason and when you start to allow the time to understand the science behind crystals, because there is real science in how they work, you will then reveal a new layer of knowledge of yourself, the world, the universe. There are more than just three crystals for the Goddess but we are only going over three today.

And here they are, starting at our lowest chakra and moving up:


Carnelian can vary in color from a deep orange to a brownish red and can be lighter and darker in those colors. Carnelian works with the Sacral chakra which is number two of the seven chakras. It aligns with Mars and the Sun, the element of Fire and the Astrological signs of Aries, Leo and Virgo. The Sacral chakra is where all your creativity flows and if you look at where the second chakra lands, it is right where your womb space is held which is extra magical as the ultimate, most magical and miraculous creation for a woman is to grow a baby. Whether or not you physically have or haven’t isn’t what matters. It is the energetic intention and frequency that is within but in a physical and tangible format, a baby is a miracle of a creation. As women we are the creators in many ways. We create everything that man and this realm need and sometimes don’t need as well. We create home, we create family, we create togetherness, we create harmony, love, meals, clothing, we are the ultimate creators of so much and when the matriarch dies, more often than not, all of that creativity that held and made the family, the space, the community disappears. The divine masculine is also very important and by no means not needed however the masculinity serves the family and community dynamic in other ways so don’t discredit the divine masculine either but the divine feminine, the goddesses, the women are what create the home more often than not.

Work with Carnelian when you need guidance to fulfill or reignite your creativity or to help your ideas come to actuality. It can help you give birth to new ideas and can help jump start new ventures. Use it to learn and understand your emotions by using arts such as writing, drawing, music, etc. Carnelian is a helpful in overcoming emotional blocks that are holding you back from your full potential. Carnelian not only is helpful in birthing creativity and new ideas but also in a literal sense of being fertile in physical conception and pregnancy.

In a world of conformity that seems to suck the creativity right out of us at early ages, Carnelian is a very important crystal to have in your collection. Use it to remind you and to help you unlock that beautiful creativity you hold within. Use it to tap into the Universe of creative ideas that are floating energetically all around us. We are women, we are the creators of life, of home, of happiness.


Amethyst is probably a stone you’re seen a lot of and if you’re not into crystals much, trust me. You’ve seen Amethyst. Amethyst is purple in color and can vary from dark to very light in the purple tones. It can be found many places around the world and is part of the Quartz family of stones. Amethyst works with the third eye and the crown chakras. The third eye is chakra number six and crown is number seven. It aligns with planet Uranus, the Air Element and the astrological sign of Aquarius. Amethyst is the stone of transformation, change and protection. As women, we are creators and we must remember that with our creative powers that we hold the ability to create happiness and harmony or sadness and disharmony. But you hold the power to make it whatever you wish. I for one, much prefer happiness and harmony and so that is the intention I use when I work with Amethyst. You are in control of your life, you can change it and transform your life into exactly what you truly want and Amethyst is super helpful in making this happen. As women, we are always changing starting at the most basic way like in our monthly rhythm cycles. We are transforming from maiden to mother to crone, we are transforming our homes, our families, our futures because we are the creators. So often we easily forget that we really do have the ability to change everything and Amethyst is a great reminder, guide and tool to help us. Amethyst is one of the only crystals that stimulates all six sensory gifts and gives protection from psychic attacks. It can help you remember your dreams, it can help block bad dreams and welcome good dreams. As a mother, I use this stone regularly for my son and helping him dream good happy dreams rather than scary ones. It has worked for him time and time again.


The final stone for today’s three crystals for the goddess is Moonstone. Oh the all powerful moonstone emanates so much woman power it makes me tingle all over. Moonstone is magical and mystical and witchy and goddess-y all in one. It oozes magic, here’s why:

Moonstone comes in a variety of colors including the most typically known, white or cream but also comes in beige, peach, orange, brown, gray, black and rainbow. All have a similar sheen to them that is very Moonstone. A shimmer, a sparkle of a glean a bit like a pearl but not quite. They can be see through or not at all but always have a mystical sort of expression of vibrating color and texture. Moonstone works with the crown, third eye, solar plexus and sacral chakras. It aligns with the moon, the water element and the astrological sign of Cancer. The magic of moonstone is its ability to help you tap into your intuition. To find it, hear it, listen to it and trust your intuition. One of the most magical things about women is our innate ability to have uncanny intuition. We can sense, feel and understand things that we can’t explain how or why. We just know. It is part of that creation, the ability to create, make our own transformations and to just know that it must happen or must be or must not be. Intuition. Most women lose their ability to hear or know their intuition by age 8 as our whole system in society does not cater to, support or encourage intuition. Our systems right now are very logic and science based and where logic and science rule, intuition is often discouraged and even ridiculed. Use Moonstone in any of your rituals that involve the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the moon and any other goddesses you may adore, love, follow or ask guidance of. This stone is also useful in connecting with the thirteen moons of the year and the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. Did you know you have thirteen grandmothers all across this beautiful Earth? Their mission, world peace. You can use Moonstone to connect with them too. Moonstone promotes dreaming but I must warn you that you may want to set Moonstone aside on a full moon nights sleep as the dreams can become very vibrant and may lead to a not so restful sleep. Work with Moonstone to achieve emotional balance and for cleaning negative energy from your energy centers. Moonstone, like Carnelian is also associated with fertility and pregnancy. Moonstone can help you find the joy in all phases of being a woman and can help you accept and even find that you love the ebb and flow of your hormones.

I will be publishing a book later this spring all about the crystals a goddess needs, how to use them and the science and why behind them, for you logic based goddesses. I am passionate about crystals and educating others in how to work with them. I often teach workshops at the retreats that Cassandra holds across the globe. Crystals should be worked with daily therefore I make crystal jewelry so you can wear and work with your crystals more easily on a daily basis. You can read more about me here on in the About section and on my website,

Want to learn more about crystals and how they work? Listen to our podcast about crystals and the top ones for women here!

With Gratitude and All Love,


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Now more than ever the world needs powerful, embodied leaders to rise up and heed the call of the Creatrix. It is time for you to step forward. Join us today!

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