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It's Time to Live Empowered

Wild Woman, you sit here reading this post, curious of its contents, perhaps intrigued and wanting to learn more. What would it look like to live empowered? Is that attainable?

Most women, and in fact most people, do not grow up empowered in this world. We are often bombarded with stress even at a young age and find that we must let go of our differences and step into conformity.

Empowerment has become synonymous with cockiness or pride. It is not good to live empowered or powerfully.

We are often taught that empowered people should be feared. They hold too much power.

So much of this stemmed from our pasts, back to the women long before us, who shared the same blood in their veins.

Centuries ago, when women were killed because they knew too much of herbalism or too much about birth or too much about sexuality, empowered women were feared.

Women who were sure of themselves, who enjoyed sex, who roared as they orgasmed, who birthed without fear, who walked with passion in their steps, were labeled as dangerous, feral and too powerful.

Too powerful.

It is no secret that an empowered woman is strong.

An empowered woman does not stay in a relationship that has become imbalanced or harmful. An empowered woman does not bow down to her boss or her partner or the unreasonable needs of others.

An empowered woman knows how to say No and uses it when she feels others have placed too much on her. She is compassionate but also holds clear boundaries.

An empowered woman is sure of herself and aware of her own intuition and gut feelings. She is fun, wild and in tune but also knows when to become firm.

It's time to return to our empowered selves.

It's time to awaken the wild woman within and live for ourselves.

You can not get this from a relationship. Or a job. Or anything other than reconnecting to yourself.

You live empowered when you honor your own sacred life.

It's time to return to your empowerment.

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