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Coming back to nature to unlock the Wild Woman

We live in a time where connecting to the earth is no longer a part of most of our days. So many of us live in homes with a couple trees in the yard, perhaps some grass and then we drive to our jobs where the floors are concrete and we spend our day there and before we know it we are back at home slumped on the couch.

This is so common for most of us - to spend little to no time in nature each day.

I find that reconnecting to the earth almost always reconnects us to our wild woman inside.

As i'm writing this, i'm in the jungle of Costa Rica, immersed on an organic farm near Montezuma. This gorgeous farm is known as Rancho Delicioso and has a variety of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, some of them include bananas, kale, fresh herbs, mangos, passionfruit, peppers and tomatoes. There are goats, chickens, sheep and cats on the property as well that are very affectionate and happy.

Being here, I am realizing more and more just how key nature is to awakening the wild woman within us, the part of that guides us with strong intuition, empowers us and divinely guides us to create.

As you begin to connect with the earth, the grass or dark dirt or dried earth, you will find an immediate sense of grounding occurring. Touch a tall tree and you will find this same rooting feeling below you. I find that as I sit near bright flowers or listen to birds chirp in the distance, I find myself melting into calmness and peace.

Nature is so healing for anger or sadness. Nature pulls us back into our heart space and immediately grounds us. Coming to nature daily keeps us in a grounded, empowered space.

To awaken to the deepest part of ourselves, to the wild woman within, we must be grounded and present and the best way to do that is through nature. To stand on top of the rich earth and allow your body to be one with it.

Come back to nature, come back to the traditional ways. They are weaved together. They are one.

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