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Super Moon >>Full Moon<< November 2016

November 14th, 2016 the moon rises in sky not just as a powerful Full Moon but also as a rare Super Moon. This magnificent glowing sky in the night pulls within all of us the tides and dreams of the new cycle.

This Super Moon (we won't see another one like it until 2034) comes at an interesting timing, coming just a couple months after we had a rare and powerful Black Moon - New Moon phase.

Like all things in the universe, there is always balance.

This Full Moon Super Moon in Taurus is of course, a grounded, rooted, 1st chakra stew with a dash of stubbornness. (Know a Taurus?)

With this earth based sign, we can hold the intention for love and healing energy towards Mother Earth. With all of the beautiful leaves most likely in your card, make an altar to Mama Gaia in thanks for the blessings and bounty in your life.

And as it always goes with a Super Moon, we see major shifts.

Anytime change filters down from the moon phases, we may feel a bit irrational, moody or even irritated the days surrounding the Super Moon. We are moving into new aspects and realms of living, and whether we feel that profoundly or not at all, shifts are happening all around us.

We are on our way into Winter with the Winter Solstice coming up next month in December and so many things are pointing to the same thing >>>

Shift or be shifted.

Ride the waves, do not fight against them. Hold a loving space for yourself as we wax and wane. How can you embody this powerful Taurus Moon best?

>>> Take a hot bath and pour flower essences into the water. My favorite for most women is Evening Primrose. This helps us embody the divine feminine and heal all aspects of mother, feminine and sister.

>>> Create that earth altar! Collect some twigs and leaves and make a sacred shrine to the earth in gratitude. In Indonesia, they make sacred offerings like this almost daily.

>>> Focus on grounding meditations. Take a drop of Spruce or Cypress essential oil and place some on each foot as you imagine roots sprouting out from the bottom of your feet. Or, for a limited time I am offering my Womb Meditation for just $4! Buy that here.

>>> Hold a manifestation circle for yourself. Write out what you are inviting into your life! And write it as though it has already manifested. For example, if I am manifesting more financial abundance in my life, I will write it like I already have it. "I make $10,000 each month with ease and grace..." Save this sheet of paper -- it just might come true! And as always with manifestation, be SPECIFIC! Especially when manifesting a partner! :)

>>> Make an essence of Moonstone. Take a piece of Moonstone and place it in a glass jar of purified water. Set this out under the moon Sunday evening. You now have moon charged water. This can be drank for good health or used on your altar for sacred work.

Super Moons are a chance for each of us to transform even more.

We have the opportunity to move with the shifts and enjoy the ride.

Blessed BE!

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