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What if You Loved Your Menstrual Cycle?

I have had a question in my mind the last few weeks as i've flowed through a powerful menstrual cycle --

What would it look like if women LOVED their menstrual cycles?

I tried to think when we stopped welcoming this sacred time. And I don't think it was in our life times. I think this resentment stems back many, many generations to the women who walked this earth hundreds of years ago.

There was a time when women celebrated their menstrual cycles. Young women danced around thinking about this sacred time when they would have their first blood. Oh, what wonders would it bring?

Somehow along the way, we were taught that this natural process is unclean.

It is dirty.

It is gross.

Why is it that now when a young woman bleeds for the first time, she is ashamed? Why does she hide it and cry over it? Who has taught her that this is not okay?

I don't think it is necessarily someone in her life, but rather what pumps through her veins.

At one point, a woman before her was shamed for it. Some woman was told that her natural process was disgusting or had a smell. Someone imprinted in so many women this instinctual resentment towards menstrual cycles.

It runs in our blood, for many of us to have fear and resentment around this sacred time. Our mother and her mother and her mother and her mother back generations and generations felt this too. It has been so ground into us.

So I have thought - what if more women reclaimed this sacred part of herself? What if they declared this sacred time special to them?

What if we welcomed this sacred time with open arms? What if we listened to the aches in our bellies and slowed down as we cycled? What if we celebrated this sacred time?

What would our lives look like?

In my personal experience, I find that women who reclaim their menstrual cycles and celebrate their womb spaces transform their lives. They change. They shift. They ebb. And they emerge a new woman, an empowered woman. A woman that walks with passion and presence.

What if instead of listening to the conditioning in our blood, we honored the deep call within?

I challenge you, sister, to welcome, love, celebrate, look forward to, enjoy, soak in and anticipate your sacred cycle each month.

If you're ready to learn how to embrace your cycle every month, listen to our podcast episode here about empowered menstruation!

How could your life transform?

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