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What is a Goddess Retreat?

What is a Goddess Retreat is one of our most commonly asked questions. And we are also often asked, "Should I go to one?"

A Goddess Retreat is a sacred time away from our jobs, obligations and responsibilities where women can gather together. These sacred Goddess Retreats are held in nature, surrounded by natural beauty and away from the hustle and bustle of life. It is here where women join together, from all different walks of life, past experiences and beliefs, and hold a sacred space for each other to be celebrated, nourished and honored.

These sacred Goddess Retreats are transformative.

Among like-minded powerful women, each woman has the space to be heard, seen and respected. Through different ceremonies and workshops, each woman is given tools for empowerment and passion.

Goddess Retreats are women-only - reconnecting women as sisters the way it once was.

A Goddess Retreat includes different discussions and exercises. Common themes in a Goddess Retreat include reconnecting to your intuition, awakening your wild woman, raising shakti, empowering women to live authentically, releasing what no longer serves you etc.

GoddessCeremony.com holds these sacred Goddess Retreats all over the world because we watch how transformative they are to women's lives.

Common workshops / ceremonies we offer at our Goddess Retreats include Wild Goddess Yoga, moon meditations, fire ceremonies, ecstatic dance, womb healing, manifestation circles, water ceremonies, crystal workshops, moon wisdom and nature excursions.

So why may you want to consider a Goddess Retreat?

If you are ready for transformation and wanting to feel empowered, sacred, beautiful, wild, loved, celebrated, powerful, awakened, full, centered and grounded.

Goddess Retreats are so powerful and sacred,

See our upcoming Goddess Retreats in Michigan, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and more here.

Blessed BE!


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