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For When Life Seems to be Crashing Down

We have certainly all had these times in our lives... when things seem to be dissolving and burning down faster than we could ever imagine.

A best friend is in a car crash. Someone we love so dearly leaves this realm. We are injured or alone or left with nothing.

We have had these moments when it is hard to even get out of bed and the thought of getting up and taking care of yourself seems laughable. Some of us eat everything in sight and others forget food exists and go days withering away. And frankly, it fucking sucks.

Yep, I said fuck and yes I said suck.

Let's be honest here.

These times in our lives are really hard.

And since we all experience this really hard, painful times, we need to know how to survive through it. With my work with women, I find that so many of us were not taught basic skills to cope with pain. So here you are, for when life seem to be crashing down.

1. Cry

I find it interesting that we live in a culture where it seems we are supposed to suck it up. Most other cultures around the world know how to grieve. They cry, they wail and they move it through them. Somehow in our Western Culture though we have gotten into the mode of internalizing it, which we all know does not help. Allowing yourself to cry does a few things for you: it lets you naturally grieve for something very real and sad, it lets the sadness move through you rather than feel stuck and it allows you to move into a space of self care. If you are upset and crying because a loved one was hurt, you move into a space of self care. You cancel your appointments for the rest of the day. You move important things to next week. You carve out time for you and your grieving, and when we let ourselves grieve, we naturally do that - create space for us. So yes, i'm telling you to cry. Cry all day if you need to. Cry yourself to sleep. But do not stuff it inside. Let it all out.

2. Breathe

Cliche, yes but so important. When we connect to our breath, we are then able to release the trauma or pain from our bodies. Taking 5 minutes to meditate or just breathe can totally transform your life. My personal favorite is Alternate Nostril Breathing because it has been said to calm the entire brain in under 10 minutes. It will help you calm and begin to think more clearly. Just follow your breath and allow your body to relax.

3. Nourish Yourself

It's really easy to neglect our bodies and especially either overeat or not eat at all. Drink lots of water, especially if you are crying a lot and eat light healthy foods. A boiled egg, a warm salad or steamed veggies are nourishing but gentle. Think warm foods as it helps create a calm and nourished feeling.

4. Turn to Spirit

Whether you do or don't believe in the Universe or a higher power, during times of pain or sadness many of us innately feel to turn to something greater. We may pray for the first time in a long time or find ourselves craving a church or spiritual service. Whatever the case, it is helpful to let go and surrender to the Divine Plan. There may be a purpose for this or it may be good in the end. We cannot see the Divine Plan. Surrendering to what is and using prayer or manifestations to send love to your loved one is huge.

5. Practice Love

Visualize your loved one getting well or being happy and comforted. Whether they are now in this realm or beyond, send love to them. Think back on fun memories or hold them close to your heart. They can feel you. They can feel your love.

We are all on this journey of life and through the ups and downs. Returning to love and surrendering to all that has manifested is a powerful way to hold the space for those you love. May you find peace through this time.

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