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My Favorite Herb for Women

There are so many lovely and nourishing herbs in the world that have been used for centuries by midwives, medicine women and herbalists. There is truly so much wisdom to be learned by connecting with the plants of the world. And so many of them go unnoticed everyday. Most of us have probably 15 or so medicinal herbs in our yards, we just might not know it!

With my clients that I see for physical and emotional support, I find that here is one herb that I always come back to. I love herbs like chaste tree berry and false unicorn root, but there is one that more often than not, I suggest to women to help support them nutritionally and emotionally.

And what is that lovely herb?

Why, none other than Red Raspberry Leaf.

Red Raspberry Leaf has been used for hundreds of years to help tone the uterus, boost iron levels and nourish women through all different phases of life - from pre-pregnancy, through pregnancy and post. In most cases, no matter the age of the woman, red raspberry leaf can be very beneficial.


"Red raspberry leaf not just to strengthen the uterus and pelvic wall, but for its many beneficial effects, which include increased fertility, miscarriage and hemorrhage prevention, easing morning sickness, reducing pain during and after labor and birth, helping the uterus return more quickly to its pre-pregnancy size after birth and assisting in the production of plentiful breastmilk. Contrary to some misinformation found occasionally on the web, red raspberry leaf is not oxytocic or an emmenagogue – it will not start labor or promote contractions.

Red raspberry leaves are also beneficial for women of all ages, not just of childbearing age. They’re used to treat upper respiratory disorders, sore throats, wounds, colic pain and gastrointestinal upset. They’re rich in tannins, which have an astringent affect, reducing inflammation."

--Susun Weed


Here are 13 fun facts about Red Raspberry and how it supports the female body-

  1. Drinking red raspberry leaf tea can increase fertility

  2. It has been shown to reduce menstrual cramps and help regulate the menstrual cycle

  3. Red raspberry leaf helps detox excess hormones in the body - this is especially helpful during times like menopause or during the waning moon phase in the week leading up to your cycle

  4. Helps regulate hormones after birth to help prevent postpartum depression

  5. Is boosting full of vitamins and minerals

  6. Lessens cycles that are very long or very heavy

  7. Helps reduce and nourish adrenal exhaustion

  8. Helps prevent miscarriage

  9. Especially high in iron and potassium

  10. Red raspberry leaf is full of antioxidants which may be helpful in preventing cancer

  11. Can help tone the uterus after a surgery / removal of growths in the uterus

  12. Helpful in reducing morning sickness

  13. May be helpful for conditions like endometriosis

This incredible herb is good for almost everything it seems! I recommend women drink red raspberry leaf tea daily but at least during the days you are menstruating. We lose a lot of iron during our menstrual cycles, so this will help replenish us as well.

We have this lovely herb for sale in our shop as a tea as well. Buy red raspberry leaf here.

How to make red raspberry leaf tea-

Put 1/4 cup of red raspberry leaf in a musselin bag and steep in boiling hot water for 5 minutes or so. If you want a more nutritive drink, put 1 cup of red raspberry leaf tea in a two quartz mason jar and pour boiling water over it to completely cover it. This will probably be 4 or so cups of water. Let it sit overnight as the water pulls the minerals and nutrition from the herbs. In the morning, strain the red raspberry leaf out and compost it. You can reheat your tea if you'd like or drink it at room temperature. Drink at least a cup each day for optimal effects. Sweeten with stevia or honey if desired. Buy red raspberry leaf here.

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