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New Moon / Black Moon Sept 30, 2016

Welcome, beloveds, to the New Moon / Black Moon on September 30, 2016.

A Black Moon is when there are two New Moons in the same month, something that happens only once every few years.

Our New Moon in Libra invites in the lovely call of Balance, always asking us to look at our lives, fully and lovingly, and decide what is working and what is not?

The New Moon time is always a time of reflection as we move through the darkest part of the cycle. What is brought to the surface of our reality? What has become very unclear that it is not serving us?

We all know when the balance is off in our lives. Things do not flow! Or they seem extra difficult or stuck or like you are pushing uphill. This could show up in many places - in our work, our relationships, our friendships, our home life, our families, our lives in general.

This Libra New Moon asks us to take a moment, to ground, connect and then look at the balance in each of our lives. Where could there be more ease? Where could we let go to invite something else in?

New Moons are so, so special to me because they mark a time of new beginnings. During every cycle we get a new start. There is a new energy and a new month to guide us along.

Nothing ever stays the same.

And how can we harness this energy to embody that fully in the areas that do need shifting?

Take notice of the balance and imbalanced and create a sacred space to process it all.

I think we can all agree that this year has been f u l l of self growth, change, transformation and awakening. I have found that my own life has ebbed and flowed so deeply, continuing to illuminate the path inward. This is beautiful. We are transforming into the Divine women that we are. There is a global awakening to return to the Sacred Feminine. I see balance coming for our mother earth. And as each of us return to balance and love, we watch everything else in the universe shift too.

Make a fire tonight or sit in a sacred space as you reflect. Let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Let it go into the fire. Bask in gratitude for the alignments and things that are in balance.

But more than anything, take time for you tonight. Do something that refills you.

Sending each of you lunar love and divine alignments,

Blessed BE!

Cassandra Wilder

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