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Full Moon in Pisces and Lunar Eclipse September 2016

What an incredible alignment of energies we are witnessing on this Full Moon in Pisces.

Not only is this moon a Full Moon, but it is also a Lunar Eclipse AND the Harvest Moon. In other words, this is an evening to most certainly celebrate and come in alignment with the moon as we are witnessing a rare combination! This won't happen again until 2024!

The Harvest moon is the Full Moon that is closest to the Fall Equinox, which will be here on September 22!

The Harvest moon reminds to take a look back on the Spring and Summer and look at what we have sown. Whether you had a literal harvest or not, can you look back on the past year and see what has come to fruit? Have things been moving in divine alignment for you or has it been especially hard? Now is the time to reevaluate that and stand in a place of gratitude OR make some changes in your life as your prepare for the colder months.

I am feeling in alignment with this Full Moon in Pisces as I am a very, very Pisces person, but for people are not water-based, the last few days or weeks may have felt especially unreliable, watery and there may have been a lot of emotions in the air. The Full Moon in Pisces calls to us to return to our intuition and the calling of our womb space. I wrote a lovely post a while back on how to reconnect to your intuition.

Pisces is a water astrological sign that often arises in people heightened emotions, intuitive dreams and powerful meditative states.

One of the most profound aspects of this Full Moon is the call to look at our wounds from the past and begin to view them as teachers. Rather than living in a victim state and allowing these wounds to haunt us, now is the time to accept the wounds, release them and move forward with gratitude. If you need to, write out what wounds you have been carrying and burn it outside tonight with a big fire.

So how can we best celebrate this Full Moon tonight? Here are 5 ways:

-Lay out under the moon tonight and allow yourself to become physically recharged from the powerful lunar light. Bonus points if you want to lay out all of your crystals with you and recharge them as well.

-Find a body of water tonight, whether it's a lake or a hot tub, and allow yourself to be a part of it, feeling the draw of the moon. Pisces is all about water, emotions, truth and intuition, so allow yourself to be immersed in this.

-Meditate tonight! With all of this spiraling in the sky, allow yourself to come back inward and feel into the subtle energies.

-Start a gratitude journal. The Full Moon is a time to celebrate! So write out every blessing you can think of in your life. Celebrate the gifts in your life.

-Invite a friend (s) over and make a bath salt mix. Buy some epsom salts and add in anything that can nourish you on this Full Moon. I like to add in dried flowers, sea salt, some essential oils, flower essences and moon water. You can use this bath salt on every Full Moon if you want and make a ritual out of it.

Allow yourself to celebrate this evening and allow space for self care over the next few days. If you feel extra emotional, allow it to release in a safe and sacred space and make more time for self care. Blessed Full Moon wild women!

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