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  • Cassandra Wilder

New Moon in Virgo Sept 1, 2016

Starting off September, we have the beautiful New Moon in Virgo blessing us with her presence.

The New Moon in Virgo September 1st, 2016 holds much of the frequency of overcoming.

I think the timing of this moon and the approaching Fall Equinox create a beautiful blend of letting go and overcoming what is still stuck to us and clearing that before we move into Fall and Winter.

Much like Spring, in the Fall it is necessary to cleanse again and prepare for the long nights of Winter.

With this timing of the New Moon, we are encouraged to ask, "What is left in your life to overcome?"

Is it a personality trait? Are we quick to judge? Do we struggle at making time for self care?

Is it a lifestyle change? Have we been complaining to our friends about the same job for over a year but refuse to quit it?

It's time to take inventory of our lives and begin to cut the things that just aren't working out. It's time to overcome the rooted feeling around it, perhaps it's fear, pressure or loneliness. Let's bring them to the surface now and begin to decide how to move forward.

How can we use this powerful Virgo energy AND New Moon cleansing, shifting energy?

For this New Moon, I would really encourage you to make an altar to yourself. Clear off a table in your home (or ideally your altar table!) and begin to create an altar to all that you are.

Place crystals, rocks, feathers and pictures that are dear to you. Add one of the painting you made or a bracelet you created. Make an altar to yourself as you express gratitude for the amazing woman that you are. Light candles and incense. Add fresh flowers. Do whatever makes you feel joy.

As we celebrate ourselves, we can see more clearly the things in our lives that detract from that. We can really see the job or partner or personal imbalance that continues to take away from this beautiful person we see in the mirror.

Write out your New Moon manifestations and begin to think of one thing you would like to overcome in your life. Anything. Allow your New Moon to be limitless.

Sending you New Moon magic!

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