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  • Cassandra Wilder

Naturally Easing Menstrual Cramps

In our current world, it can be difficult to fully embrace all it means to be Woman.

We have menstrual cramps.

We menstruate 3-5 days a month.

We experience shifts in our moods.

But what if easing all of this was as simple as embracing it?

In many ways it is.

With my own personal experience and the many women I have worked with, I continue to see a trend in reducing menstrual cramps that is so simply and yet profound.

Beginning to accept your menstrual cycles and even embracing them can significantly reduce cramps.

Yes, simply beginning to welcome this time of the month (which is going to continue to come whether you like it or not) totally transformed my life and my menstrual cycles.

Here are a few other ways that I personally significantly alleviated my menstrual cramps and have watched them do the same for the women I work with:

-Embrace your menstrual cycle

Make this time sacred. Allow yourself to listen to the callings of your womb. I found that my cramps began more severe if I tried to work through my cramps, especially on the first and second day of my cycle). Now, I listen to these cramps as a calling from my body asking me to slow down and take more time for self care during these days. So, I carve out time to take a nap, take a bath or get a massage. Read more on how to make your menstrual cycle sacred here.

-Avoid using Tampons

Myself and many women have noticed our cramps growing significantly worse when we use tampons. I hadn't used a tampon for a few years but recently was in a pinch and used an organic one. I could not believe the amount of pain I experienced over the next few hours until I removed it. This may not be a major cause for all women, but the only way to know is to try another option for a whole cycle. I use and LOVE the MoonCup as a natural alternative to tampons and pads. Read more about my experience here.

-Get in some extra iron

Whether you want to boost your iron herbally or with meat is up to you but they are both good options. If you eat meat, enjoy a grass-fed steak during your cycle. If you prefer to use herbs, buy a yellowdock tincture or find a tincture that has my favorite iron boosting ingredients including nettle and china root. (this is how I got rid of my chronic anemia a few years ago)


Give yourself that space to rest and rejuvenate. Our bodies are doing a lot of work during our menstrual cycles and they need to be given the space to shed and renew. Honor this time.

If you want to learn how to embrace your cycle every month, listen to our podcast here about empowered menstruation!

I would love to hear how you have alleviated your cramps naturally! Feel free to comment below.

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