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Guatemala: A Sacred Site you Must See


The country dearest to my heart.

I've been blessed to be able to travel to many places in the world and experience many deeply spiritual and transformational moments. But it seems that no matter where I travel, Guatemala contnues to be the most sacred place i've ever visited.

A few years ago, as I sat on a hot 12 hour bus ride south down bumpy roads in Guatemala, I had no idea that my life was about to change. I had recently just sold everything I owned, moved out of my apartment, quit my job that did not nourish me and headed south into Central America.

As we ventured south, we eventually came upon a beautiful village called Antigua. This cobble stone street filled city and ornate, European architecture captured my heart. It felt so old world Europe and it was filled with beautiful Guatemalans, wearing their brightly colored attire and patting fresh corn tortillas on each corner.

The Mayan people were warm and their textiles were beyond words. It was magical being in a country filled with color.

A few days later, my partner and I headed towards El Lago de Atitlan (Lake Atitilan) just an hour beyond Antigua. We took a small boat that was stuffed with far too many people and headed out onto this magical lake. Even though I was crammed next to the man driving out on the deck, I was so happy. The beautiful ominous volcanos surrounded the lake and there was a rich blue that seemed to glow around them.

We arrived to San Marcos, a small village on Lake Atitlan and found ourselves pleasantly surprised to see so many fellow yoga instructors and crystal healers and women's circle guides and massage therapists. This little community blended conscious people from all over the world and the beautiful traditional Mayan culture. We spent a couple months here, immersed in this beautiful country.

Many call Lake Atitilan sacred and many say there is a sacred vortex around the lake. It is no wonder that so many people venture to this sacred lake and experience profound transformations. It seems that everyone I met there had a story similar to mine. Something along the lines of "my life transformed here."

I had the blessing of witnessing a women's circle for the first time and seeing the power of women supporting, honoring and loving each other in a safe and sacred space. I was healed immensely in San Marcos and found, for the first time, my place in the world.

This is why I am so completely ecstatic and honored that I will be leading a 7 day Goddess Retreat on a beautiful mountain above San Marcos, overlooking this sacred lake. This is truly the most perfect backdrop to our transformative week together as we purge and heal and transform.

Guatemala is unlike any other country i've been to and it holds something really special.

Want to join us for this incredible week together? More information here!

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