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2016 Goddess Retreats

We have some beautiful upcoming retreats for the remainder of 2016!

We have been so blessed to sit with so many incredible women from all over the world at these sacred retreats. During these sacred Goddess Retreats, you are given permission to simply be, with no expectations or judgement. You are free to embody all that you are and begin to live in alignment with your deepest callings.

If you feel stuck, afraid, lonely, depressed, confused, torn, muzzled or lost, a Goddess Retreat may just be the last piece to your puzzle.

"This weekend was my first time ever being surrounded by a group of women who accepted each other wholeheartedly with no reservations. We joined our hearts around campfires, our voices in songs & our feet were free to dance & stomp in the mud with no judgement. There was such freedom to come with hand in heart and stories of joy & heartbreak & being encouraged to share and receiving such encouragement. There is nothing so beautiful as love between women, who only want to lift each other up higher, closer to the one we truly are within." -S.L.

Here are our upcoming 2016 Goddess Retreats-

Michigan Goddess Retreat - August 19-21, 2016

In the gorgeous forest of Michigan, we will gather for this beautiful, sacred retreat.

Get more information here.

Utah Goddess Retreat - September 16-18, 2016

Tucked into the mountains of Utah, we will connect in sisterhood and begin to live empowered. Get more information here.

Costa Rica Goddess Retreat - December 4-10, 2016.

In the lush jungle of Costa Rica, we will nourish ourselves with this 7 day Goddess Retreat!

Get more information here.

Do you hear the call to begin to live empowered and with purpose? Do you crave sisterhood, ceremony and nature? Join us, wild woman!


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