• Cassandra Wilder

Forgiveness and Conscious Evolution

There may be nothing more powerful (or difficult sometimes) than forgiveness.

I doubt that most of us really learned the importance of this action. Maybe we heard about it in church or from our parents but I think most of us witnessed that often certain actions don't deserve forgiveness.

I remember when I was a child, my little sister and I were playing with a wooden block in the family room. We were having fun and then my little sister accidentally let go of the block in the air and it smashed against the wooden shutters covering the window. The shutters broke and I remember the massive freak out that ensued from our parents. My little sister sunk into the floor as our parents yelled at her.

While it was frustrating to my parents, too, I think my little sister felt far worse than them. It had been an accident and she felt awful about it.

She had that hanging over her head for a long time.

We have been taught that if you accidentally spill a glass of water on the floor, that's forgivable.

But we are also taught that there are certain things that are unforgivable and it varies by each person.

Forgiveness was never an easy action for me. I was notorious for my deep set grudges growing up. But then one day I realized just how hurtful that was to those around me when I watched it hurt the man that I loved.

It is easy to hold a grudge.

It is easy to hate someone.

It is easy to stop talking to someone.

But this is not part of conscious evolution. And I had to learn that the hard way. But I am so glad that I did.

Conscious evolution is about communication. Open communication. Not via text or email. It is about sitting before another person and removing your own triggers and anger and issues and just listening. It is about understanding this other person, hearing them and seeing them.

It is then that forgiveness can bloom. You see this other person for who they are. They have triggers and fears and probably trauma feeding into all of this. But like you, they want to be understood.

It is hard to truly forgive someone.

In the last year, this has really been put into practice for me. As some relationships have dissolved in my life, it has been such a lesson for me to remove my triggers and to seek compassion rather than revenge.

We all make mistakes in life and our triggers and emotions get the best of us sometimes. That is why forgiveness is so very important. When we forgive others, we forgive ourself. And the karmic energy of forgiveness will help others to forgive us.

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