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Nourishing your Breasts

Breasts, tatas, titties, boobs. Nourishing our sacred breasts is one of the best self care practices there is. If there is ONE self practice that you treat yourself to, make it loving your breasts.

Our breasts are under attack in our modern society. Most women will experience a growth or cyst in their breasts and modern medicine calls for surgery in these cases. Why are women getting so many growths, benign and cancerous?

There are a few main causes: bras, mammograms, nutrition and lack of stimulation.

Here are 4 things to do to restore health to your breasts and significantly reduce your risk of growths / cancer in your breasts.

1. Massage your breasts

Massaging the breasts help to move stagnant tissue and increase blood flow to the breasts. When combined with coconut oil, a nourishing and healing oil, and frankincense oil, which has anti-tumor properties, you are feeding your breasts powerful medicine. I like to take this mixture in my hands and spend a few minutes gently but firmly massaging my breasts. This sacred blend is a wonderful massage oil and is ready to use. You can also ask your partner to help massage your breasts for you. They are always happy to help!

2. Throw out / limit your bra

At one point bra manufacturers said that wearing a bra would prevent saggy breasts and was actually healthier than going braless, but plenty of research has shown quite the opposite. Wear a bra without an underwire or get a loose fitting cloth bra instead. Better yet, go braless. If you must wear a bra to an event, remove it when you get home. Sleep in a loose fitting top, preferably braless.

3. Avoid mammograms

Mammograms are under fire after many research studies showing the increased risk of breast cancer after receiving mammograms. Mammograms radiate the sensitive breast tissue and false-positives are extremely common, causing women to go through unnecessary biopsies and surgeries. There is a far safer and more accurate method called Thermography, which is just as accurate but has no risks associated with it.

4. Eat for your breasts

Nourish your breasts by eating organic produce and meats and by drinking adequate water daily (half your body weight in ounces daily). This will help keep the breasts healthy and perky while also nourishing the entire body.

Love and support your sacred breasts and nourish them daily! Want to learn more? Listen to our podcast here about empowered breast health.

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