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Michigan Goddess Retreats

You crave connection, purpose, sisterhood and ceremony. You feel that something is off in your life but it's hard to even put words to it. You just know that something is missing. So you begin to search.

If you have stumbled across the page, you are on the right path.

If you are seeking the bond of sisterhood, where this is no competition or judgement. Welcome.

If you are seeking to connect deeper with the earth and to move fluidly on her. Welcome.

If you are ready to step out of the old and invite in the new. Welcome.

If dancing around the fire in the moonlight calls to you or walking barefoot on the soft forest floor beckons you, this retreat is for you.

Tucked into the lush green forest of West Michigan, we journey to the deepest parts of ourselves. We process old traumas and experiences and then move on from them. We throw them into the fire and sit with the glowing light dancing on us. We dance around the fire in the moonlight, allowing our bodies to move freely and uninhibited. We nourish our bodies with organic meals and move our bodies each morning to Wild Goddess Yoga, connecting ourselves deeper to our own bodies and the Sacred Feminine. We pull out the drums and we begin to howl into the night, our bodies rocking to the sound of the thump of the drum. We honor the elements, the earth, the air, the fire, the water and weave precious flower crowns out of vines and white flowers. We meditate to the crackle of the fire and OM into our wombs, unlocking our intuition and lost power. We sleep to the sound of crickets humming in the woods and awake to the warm sun trickling in through the window.

We find ourselves here. We realize our own power here. We realize we create our own lives. The women here hold us when we cry and laugh with us when we dance. You tell them secrets you've never told anyone before and they sit with you with wise eyes. You feel at home, perhaps for the first time in your life and you are given the permission to take care of yourself, to just BE.

These sacred retreats are for the woman you hears the call. These sacred retreats are for the woman you wants to Awaken her Wild Woman. If your heart is calling to you now, join us. Join us and live empowered, sacred and wise.

We offer these sacred retreats in Michigan multiple times a year. Please check our Retreats page to see upcoming retreats. We also offer retreats in Utah and Costa Rica.

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