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How to Emotionally Cleanse the Womb - Part 2

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

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The womb, or uterus, is the seat of our intuition and power as women. It is what gives us that gut feeling when we are in a dangerous situation and who leaps up and yells "Yes!" when we encounter something magical. This sacred organ is so key to all things woman and so connecting to her is very important.

Most of us grew up feeling very disconnected from our wombs and our cycles in general. I don't think I ever thought twice about my uterus, except for maybe when I was having menstrual cramps and thought angry thoughts about her. This displays just how disconnected we have become in general as a society.

As we discussed in Part 1, physically cleansing the womb is very important and should not be overlooked. But we do not often look at the emotional side of healing. Energetically, the womb can become quite overwhelmed with trauma, "shoulds", pregnancy, birth and so on. A stagnant womb or a womb with too much emotional trauma within may manifest as infertility, severe menstrual cramps, cysts and amenorrhea. So, let's discuss some powerful ways to emotionally cleanse the womb!

- How to Emotionally Cleanse the Womb -

1. Bring awareness to your womb

During retreats and ceremonies, I often will guide women into a meditation and then hold the space for them to talk to their womb for perhaps the first time in their lives. Sound weird? It isn't. A healthy womb is constantly sending energetic messages to us. She guides us through life safely and wisely, giving us indicators for safety and danger. Some women feel frustrated when they try to reach out to their womb but get no answer. I like to use the analogy of if you had a friend call you everyday for a few years but you never answered the phone, she'd probably give up eventually. And if you tried to call her one day after years of ignoring her calls, she probably wouldn't answer! Talk to her, nourish her, do what feels best for her. For example during your cycle on your heaviest day, don't go out and run 10 miles after a stressful day at work. Take some quiet time, take a bath, read a book, go to bed early. Nourish and love her, she has a lot of work to do! You can purchase a womb meditation here.

2. Process the emotions

As women, we tend to store negative energies and trauma in our wombs. If we experience something traumatic and do not have the space or time to adequately process these emotions, they get stored in the womb. It's a bit like sweeping it under the rug, but if you never pick up the rug and sweep it, you can imagine that after years of stagnant energy it gets congested. Many of us have experienced traumas in our lives, whether from childhood, dating, sexual partners or lost opportunities. Finding a space where you can safely process these emotions is vital. I have found that energy work sessions can be a safe space to do this, but make sure you find a loving and supportive practitioner. You can also make a fire ceremony for yourself and write out letters to everyone who has ever hurt you or left you feeling disempowered. Write out everything you wish you could say to them and then BURN IT. Cut the cord. Disconnect from them. They do not have power over you anymore. This is perhaps my favorite exercise for women with a lot of traumatic experiences. Whatever feels right and safe for you works. Spending an evening crying in bed can even help unlock this pent up emotions and if it calls to you, get one on one support.

3. Scream

Yep, scream. Screaming is one of the quickest and most powerful ways to push out stagnant energy. When we allow ourselves to get angry and scream, we push out all of the suppressed emotions. Screaming is also one of the best ways to get angry and then move through it. When I say get angry, I don't mean be pissed off all day and take it out on other people. I mean to sit with your anger and then scream it out. Scream at the top of your lungs into nature and let yourself feel it all. You will probably find that releasing this will allow some sadness to resurface and then you will feel light and calm. I recommend finding somewhere in nature to fully scream as loud as you can.

4. Shake it out

A lot of research has been done on animals and their natural instincts to literally shake after a traumatic event. If you watch a dog, a deer or even a child after a traumatic experience, they often find a safe place to sit down and then they shake. This trembling helps the body to release the trauma and allow the body to move on without having this stored. Somehow as adults, we have lost this art and instead we allow these emotions to stay within us, sometimes forever. One of my favorite exercises for shaking is to simply lie on your back with your feet in butterfly position, bottoms of your feet pressed together with your knees splayed out to the sides. Stay here for a few minutes and just follow your breath. After a few minutes, slowly raise your knees about 2 inches, with your feet still pressing together. You may notice your legs start to lightly tremble. After another minute or so, slowly raise your knees another inch or two. Continue this slow motion and you will find that your legs and perhaps even your hips will begin to shake and release. Continue for as long as feels good for you. When you are ready to exit the pose, simple plant both feet back into the earth and the shaking will stop.

It is possible to heal and with the right tools, you can find even more power and healing than you thought possible. Begin your healing journey with our online program to learn how to track your cycle, heal your painful periods and find empowerment. Or, work 1:1 with Cassandra Wilder ND now to address your health here.

In gratitude,

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