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Are Goddess Circles for Hating on Men?

A month or so ago I had hired some painters to help me get ready for my Grand Opening of Sacred Space GR here in Grand Rapids. I had chosen to paint one room completely red, as I wanted to recreate a sacred Red Tent and intuitively felt that red was the right color for this sacred room. As these two men were painting, they looked over at me and asked, “So why do you want a totally red room?” I began to explain the Red Tent and the Sacred Feminine and Women’s Circles and pretty much everything “weird” that I do, to no avail. They looked at me wide eyed and returned to painting. I should preface that I am quite used to this type of reaction and so I did not think anything of their question. A few moments later, one of the men turned to be and said, “So this is where you get to hate on men, right?”


I would like to say that this is not the first time I have gotten this reaction from this type of work. Generally, saying I lead women’s circles is enough to make some men uncomfortable. But I am always grateful when I get to share what these circles truly are for.

“No,” I replied lightly. “These circles are a sacred and safe place for women to join together to be seen, heard and respected. Many women don’t feel like they have an outlet for their lives and don’t have anyone to talk to about what’s going on for them. These circles attract like-minded, conscious women who seek an empowering place to be all things woman.”

“We love and respect the Divine Masculine,” I continued. “We are very grateful for the role men play and for their offerings. When we sit powerfully in our role as Divine Women, we can appreciate the Divine Masculine even more. We do not believe we are better than men. We believe we are equal, but with different roles and responsibilities. We understand that men, too, are under a lot of attack and are struggling with their roles as Divine Men. We hold a supportive and loving space for them as well. “

I totally got the blank stare look again and then he carried on with painting. He seemed to appreciate my answer though, and I was grateful.

It is unfortunate that many groups promote anger and resentment towards men. It sometimes seems to be woven into modern day feminism, which is deeply saddening. I greatly appreciate the work of the women that have come before me to bring equality to this world. Unfortunately, in modern times there seems to a radical group of feminism that seeks to put down men and bring a lot of violence to the debate. Understand that I am not putting down feminism or powerful women of the world, but I do not call my feminist. It too often is associated with the belittling of men. Rather, I like to call myself Feminine. I am grateful to be a woman and appreciate the Divine Feminine. I live in alignment with my womb and body. I appreciate the Divine Masculine and view us as equal. There is no competition and no anger. I choose to surround myself with men who are conscious and who understand this beautiful balance.

I appreciate all of you who are making a difference in the world and continue to call for more balance and peace. Let’s choose to love and support the Divine Masculine AND our sisters, the Divine Feminine. Women will change the world. But we cannot stoop to the level of those who seek chaos.

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