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The Magick of a Cacao Ceremony

A few years ago, after leaving my comfortable life in Salt Lake City, I found myself in the jungle of Guatemala. I discovered a magical community in the small village of San Marcos. This sacred village sat on Lake Atitlan, a high-energy lake surrounded by volcanoes. It is here that I found Sacred Cacao Ceremonies and began attending them regularly. During my stay there over the next few months, I sat in ceremony with a sacred woman who led these sacred ceremonies and each time… my heart was shattered open… only to be picked up again with love and compassion by all of the women in these circles.

I will never forget the first ceremony I ever went to. There were probably 30 or so of us on her porch overlooking sacred El Lago de Atitlan, each with a small pillow underneath us. This magickal woman opened the space with one simple question, “What is going on for you right now?”

One by one, I watched the women in this circle share in great depth all that was real for them in that moment. Some sobbed and shared past traumas. Others glowed as they shared exciting news. I remember watching in awe. These women did not know each other. They were not friends when they walked in. And yet, here they were, sharing the deepest parts of their souls fully and completely. It was simply magickal to watch.

And then came my turn.

I remember searching for words to say. I had never been given the space to TRULY share what was real for me at that moment. And so, I sobbed. I cried and cried as I pried open a locked part of my heart and let the wounds return. The wounds reopened so quickly and fully and I realized that they had never been healed. They were just as raw as ever.

Now, normally, I would feel pretty ridiculous for going into a crying fit in a room full of strangers that I had just met. But when I opened my blurry eyes, I was met with a room full of smiling women who were holding a space I can only describe with one word: LOVE. I felt such pure acceptance and respect. Some offered their love verbally while others closed their eyes and radiated their love energetically. I will never forget that day. It was one of the first times in my life I had ever felt unconditional love.

I went to these gatherings a few more times over the next couple months. And each time I sobbed and revealed another wounded part of my heart. And then over the next few weeks I would witness that wound heal slowly, finally, years later after the trauma.

During these sacred ceremonies, she would also incorporate Cacao, or raw chocolate. In Guatemala and across Central America, the Mayan people have revered Cacao as a God for thousands of years. She was incredibly sacred to them and they would travel great distances to harvest her. Much of the history of how cacao was ceremoniously used has sadly been lost, but there are some people that seek to resurrect this sacred art.

Cacao is a heart opener, meaning it allows you to feel on a much deeper level than you may be able to normally. Cacao guides you, loves you, and brings compassion into your heart. She is gentle but firm. This amazing bean holds so much tradition within it.

At the Cacao Ceremonies I lead in Grand Rapids, I enjoy incorporating breath work and meditation into the Cacao Ceremony. It truly takes the experience to the next level.

You can expect to have your heart illuminated, full and bright and to feel so much love and compassion for the world around you. You will feel wounds in your being heal and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for all that you have been blessed with in your life.

Truly, words simply cannot do it justice. I recommend trying this amazing ceremony in person.

A couple notes:

-If you are currently taking anti-depressants, let your group leader know asap! Cacao and anti-depressants can have a mild reaction together!

-Cacao is not a psychedelic and is completely legal. It is simply raw chocolate.

-There are many different types of cacao and they all carry different properties. The type of Cacao described in this article is Guatemalan Cacao.

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