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Why Healing Your Womb Will Heal Everything

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

The womb is such a powerful center of energy in women and carries with it so much wisdom, grace and secrecy. She is like a protected secret that we carry deep within us each day, hidden from oblivious eyes.

During ceremonies, women often ask me, “Why do you emphasize the womb so much? What do you see in her?” I always smile when asked this question. Years ago, I chose to work specifically with the womb because I saw how detached every woman around me was to her womb. So disconnected, to where it was almost taboo to say the word womb. Interestingly, many of these women also felt incredibly unsatisfied with life. Their partners no longer fit them well. They didn’t like their jobs. They felt empty and drained in an unsustainable society that buzzed around them in a blur. They felt hopeless.

As I learned about the womb, I realized how much potential was stored in this magical organ. It was our power center. It was the seat of our intuition. It was our garden of creativity. It was all things divine, sacred and spiritual. As I began working with women and their wombs, I realized most women’s wombs were a bit like an unwatered yard, dry and forgotten and lifeless. When we began talking to the womb and watering her, she would very slowly respond, as though waking from a long winter.

The women I worked with often felt astounded. They could hear this magical organ speak to them. While she was shy at first, soon she began guiding these women again and feeding them wisdom. I watched these depressed and apathetic women blossom into powerful, divine women! The transformation was always powerful.

Women often reach out to me for a Womb Healing Session after years of depression, anxiety, restlessness, hunger for something they cannot explain, fear. They want to be wild and free but they don’t know how without the guidance of their wombs. So we open up the space for the womb to be heard for potentially the first time in her life and to awaken. We process traumas. We nourish with herbs. We crack open the blocks that are preventing her from flowering, blooming and living from her womb.

I can’t imagine a career more powerful than this… truly I cannot. I am grateful to witness women become who they have dreamed of becoming. I am grateful to witness women connect to their bodies and their wombs.

Are you ready to unlock the magick of your own womb? Apply to work with me today!

You can also purchase a womb meditation here if you'd prefer to connect to your womb at home.

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