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The Importance of Self Care

Self care... for some of us it's a myth.

It's hard to have the time for self care when we feel like we need to get the kids to school, do the laundry, prep for dinner tonight and go to work. We live in a busy world and most of us are swirling around all day trying to keep up. We are often on the back burner in our lives, which is seemingly ironic but unfortunately true.

The way self care first clicked for me was when a woman said to me, "When you take time for yourself, your cup is refilled. You are then able to share and help those around you. But if you have an empty cup, you cannot help yourself or anyone else for that matter."

Of course! So I began making time for myself each week that was just for me.

Don't have time for self care? Magical woman, yes you do! Make yourself #1 on your list for a couple hours each week. So many of us spend time on the computer, watching tv etc etc. If you have time for those things, you have time for self care!

Here are some of my favorite ways to experience Self Care-

-Go to a fun class or group each week

Finding a women's group to go to weekly or at least monthly is an amazingly nourishing time for all of us. Write them in your planner a few weeks ahead of time and MAKE the time to go. Hold yourself responsible. I also take 2 nights per week to go to a fun workout class with a group of women. Not only are we keeping our body healthy, but we are also releasing stress and tension in a fun and uplifting environment.

-Treat yourself

Get a massage or a new haircut! Massages are always a favorite for me. Set aside $50 or so and treat yourself to a relaxing afternon pampering yourself.

-Go out with girlfriends

Grab a group of your favorite women and go to lunch at a favorite restaurant. Who wouldn't love a fun day out with some of your best girlfriends and yummy food?

-Find time for your personal practice

Carve out time in the week for you to be home alone. Drink some delicious tea, turn on your salt lamps and roll out your yoga mat. Meditate for a little while and feel empowered with each breath. Practice some yoga, sit at your altar or chant to your favorite mantras. Make this a sacred and relaxing space for you!

You are worth taking time for yourself! Honor yourself by slowing down your hectic life and sink into gratitude and love as you nourish yourself. Self care truly is no longer optional... it is now mandatory in our crazy world.

How do you like to practice self care?

With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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