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A Goddess Retreat Will Change Your Life

Often I receive emails from women who long for the connection and community of a women-only retreat, but are hesitant for many personal reasons. What will their partner think? What will their church think? Can they really leave their kids for a whole week?

I’m here to tell you, choosing to go on a Goddess Retreat may be one of the best things you ever did for yourself. Firstly and above all, self-care is a myth for many of us. We are too busy taking care of the kids, going to work, rushing around doing errands. When you go on a retreat, you are declaring for yourself “me time”. You are letting go of the weight on your shoulders, your “shoulds”, all obligations. You are allowing yourself to sit with like-minded women and just be. I genuinely believe all women should attempt to do some sort of retreat (whether for a weekend or a whole week) every year. It is so very rejuvenating to our bodies, minds and souls.

Okay, so now you’ve made the jump and booked your spot at the retreat. What can you expect?

Magic. Transformation. Gratitude. Smiles. Tears. Community. Hugs. Bliss.

I’d like you to imagine meeting a dozen other conscious and loving women and making new friends almost immediately. Imagine eating 3 organic, love filled meals a day at a large table together, laughing and filling your belly with goodness. Imagine sitting in ceremony, holding space for each other, feeling safe to share what is in your heart and loving women as they share their heart too. Imagine being in nature and connecting to the trees, the soil, the earth as you mindfully move throughout it, absorbing the lush energy. Imagine practicing yoga in an uplifting and powerful class and sweating out your fears, pain and anger, leaving space for only love. Imagine simply being in a nourishing and sacred environment and having the permission to truly be at peace.

That, dear sisters, is what you can expect from a Goddess Retreat. You will leave glowing, shimmering with magic and gratitude. And then you will want to share that magic with the people you love in your life.

Be sure to check out my Retreats page to stay up to date on upcoming retreats across the U.S.!

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