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Songs of the Goddess - Opening the Throat Chakra

Singing was once something men and women did daily, solely, together, with the sun and with the moon. Singing was once more about soul and heart rather than tone and if it “sounded good.” Our perception of music has drastically changed over the years, and so it is understandable to at first feel very wary of singing in ceremony or even alone. We are always our own greatest critics!

Sound is an incredibly powerful healing tool. When we look at most cultures around the world, we see two things almost always: music and dance. Our ancestors and even some modern cultures knew how to live wildly and uninhibited.

Learning to embrace your voice and even learning how to beat on a drum is so incredibly powerful for any woman on the path of the Sacred Feminine. If you need to, wait until no one is home and then belt out these sacred, traditional songs!

Most of my absolute favorite songs are available on the album Mother Heart: Songs for the Sacred Feminine by Hildegard of Bingen. This album is available on Spotify as well for free. I listed to this album almost daily! It is very empowering, soothing and sacred.

Some of my favorite traditional songs-

“We all come from the Goddess

and to Her we shall return

like a drop, of rain

flowing to the Ocean”

“Stone in my bones,

River in my blood

Wind in my breath

And Fire in my heart


I am a Womban

I am free

I am a Womban

Milk and blood and honey”

“Born of water

Cleansed and powerful

Healing, changing


Sing, Wild Woman! Do not be held back by fear or apprehension. You are ready to unleash your voice and open your throat chakra. Listen to these songs on the album to get an idea for melody and then SING. I love leading these songs in my women's circles and retreats, and it is very bonding to sing together in a cirlce. Together we will rise in sisterhood and revive the lost ways of living.

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