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Why A Women’s Circle Might Change Your Life

10 years ago I would have scoffed at the idea of a women’s circle. Me? Sit in a circle and just talk to other women? No thanks. While it is hard to think of those days anymore since having seen the wonder and magic of women’s circles, it does give me the perspective that some women have: what’s so great about a women’s circle and why would I want to go to one?

I remember leading my first Women’s Circle in Koh Phanghan, Thailand at a small yoga center and inviting women that I met around the center. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the woman that I excitedly invited to my circle who stared back at me and blandly said, “What are we going to do? Talk about our feelings?” My smile quickly fell from my face as I attempted to pull myself out of the complete shock I was in. Initially I felt totally stupid as I walked away, with my tail hanging between my legs. But then I just felt sadness. How detached had we become from each other for someone to have said something so anti-community and support? Why had she needed to say that instead of a no thank you? I’ll admit it took me over an hour to cope with what she’d said to me as I sat in disbelief.

Looking back, I was I had been prepared to answer her question. I wish it hadn’t been my first ever circle I was leading and I wish I hadn’t found myself without words. If I ever encountered another woman like that though, and perhaps you might feel similarly to her, this is what I would say:

Why Women’s Circles are Incredible

A women’s circle is a safe and sacred space for women to join together in sisterhood and be truly seen, heard and respected. You come as you are and that is all that is expected of you. You are given a safe container to speak what is real for you that day and you are listened to with loving ears and warm smiles. A women’s circle is a place where we laugh, sing and cry and where we feel truly at home. We find that these women that have congregated here are like us, different, unruly, wild. They don’t fit into a neat pretty box and instead sit powerfully in who they are. A women’s circle is a place where you may walk in meek but by the time the circle has ended, you too sit powerfully and hug women that are now dear friends. A women’s circle is a place for women to practice magic, ceremony and ritual and not hear the voices of naysayers or skeptics. A women’s circle is where you get to be you and see the magic that resides within you.

Many cities around the World have Sacred Women’s Circles or Goddess Groups, it just may take a bit of digging to find them. Meetup.com is a great resource usually for these types of groups. Or there may not be. When I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, there were no public women’s circles. And so I began them. You too may feel the call someday to lead women to find their magic.

What is a women’s circle to you?

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