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What are Vaginal Boluses and why you should be using them

The reproductive area is such a sacred and powerful space for women. It is here that we menstruate each month and release sacred moon blood. It is here that conception occurs, where a baby grows and where they exit through the birth canal. It is here that we make love with our partners. It is here that we feel our intuitive thoughts, our “gut feelings” and inner knowings. Our womb and yoni are incredible.

Learning to support this vital system is so, so, so important. There are many ways to do this- herbal teas, yoni eggs, vaginal steams. But one of my favorite ways is using vaginal boluses.

What is a Vaginal Bolus?

A vaginal bolus is a combination of powdered, organic herbs that are mixed in with organic coconut oil and then inserted into the vagina like a tampon. Some people are more familiar with the term “suppository”. A variety of different herbs can be used in the combination, but I have personally found a lovely blend that may be helpful for yeast infections, cysts, bacterial imbalances and menstrual pain.

How do they work?

These powerful herbs get to work as soon as you insert the bolus by killing off bad bacteria and pulling toxins and masses. It is recommended to use the boluses for 5 nights in a row, 1-2 weeks before your menstrual cycle. During your next cycle, you may notice some interesting stuff being sloughed off!

Do I need a Vaginal Bolus?

Probably. Do you have menstrual discomfort? Reoccurring yeast infections? Strong smells coming from there? Cysts? When I initially began using vaginal boluses, I didn’t have any specific health problems and rather chose to use the boluses as a form of preventative medicine. The woman I studied under told us about her experience using vaginal boluses - one day she was teaching a yoga class and felt something large drop into her underwear. She went into the bathroom to find a large white cyst in her underwear! She had been doing vaginal boluses for a couple months. She said she thought she was healthy and just wanted to do the boluses as a preventative and couldn’t believe she had had cysts without ever knowing.

Who are they not recommended for?

Pregnant women should not use vaginal boluses, as cleansing during pregnancy is not safe for you or the baby. If you are breastfeeding, consult with your doctor first.

Where do I get them?

You can purchase a Vaginal Bolus kit here. It is then easy to mix the packet with ½ cup of organic coconut oil and some essential oils. I love using frankincense (anti-tumor) and lavender (a very soothing oil) in my boluses.

A healthy womb is a healthy you! These boluses will help with fertility and overall health of your reproductive area. Love your yoni and she will love you.

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