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Crystals to use in Ceremony and Ritual

Learning more about crystals was one of my favorite things to learn on this journey. Crystals are powerful tools to have on hand for just about everything, but I use mine the most in ceremony and ritual. The use of crystals has also become more mainstream, so it’s a practice you won’t get a lot of weird looks for. (which is exciting in this realm!) Crystal stores are popping up all over the world with a fury full of these magical stones.

Crystals hold different energies, uses and frequencies that make them ideal for healing, holding space and for energetic shifts. Here are my favorite ones to keep on hand for just about everything-


Quartz is an amazing tool as it magnifies the power of other crystals. Quartz encourages positive thinking and helps keep the mind clear and focused. Having Quartz on hand is a great step in holding a safe and nurturing space during ceremony. I have a lot of quartz throughout my home to help magnify my other stones and promote wellness.

Rose Quartz

Another type of Quartz, Rose Quartz is the stone of love. With it’s beautiful pink hue and deep heart connected, Rose Quartz is a powerful way to encourage love, kindness and peacefulness in a home or ceremony. Rose Quartz is always in the center of my ceremonies in the alter to infuse the room with love. I also love to hang quartz on my mirrors to encourage positive body image and love to all who enter my home.


Called the “All Healer”, Amethyst is an incredible stone to keep on hand. Amethyst calms and soothes all who come in contact with it and is helpful in calming anger. Amethyst is a spiritual stone and can be helpful for connecting spiritually. Amethyst also helps fight psychic attacks, negativity and dark energy, so I always have this during ceremony in case a dark energy has attached to anyone. Amethyst diffuses the dark energy into light and then pushes it into the earth. This deep purple colored stone is very special to me.


Moonstone is a stone of love and intuition. This stone I am usually wearing to promote connection to Source and to feel into my intuition throughout the ceremony. Moonstone is often called “The Traveler’s Stone” as it is said to keep one safe during travel. Every time I travel around the world, I bring a piece of moonstone and it seems it has kept me safe through all of the crazy places I’ve been! Moonstone is also the stone of fertility and it is deeply connected to the Goddess and Sacred Feminine.

Do you have stones that connect you to the Goddess? We’d love to hear about them!

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