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How I Began Leading Women's Circles

Leading circles are truly a blessing to anyone who hears the call to lead them. But, like any passion or career, it is always a process. We are always continuing to learn and work on our own downfalls. As one begins to lead circles, it is common to begin to be triggered and be forced to look at our dark side. If one is ready to face this darkness, this process can launch them forward in their journey. Forgiveness, love, sisterhood and community will heal the wounds and remove the darkness. Anger, separation and fear will make the journey more painful. I learned this many years ago when I started this journey.

I’ve been leading women’s circles for a few years now after a long trip across Central America. I stumbled across a small community in the heart of Guatemala of conscious and empowered individuals from all over the world. They lived harmoniously on a sacred lake with the Mayan people and revived the act of ceremony and community.

I heard of a women’s gathering at the village and decided to go and try it. I hadn’t had many positive experiences with women growing up and so I was eager to see if this could possibly be different. Dios mio, it was.

There were probably 30 of us and each of us drank sacred cacao and poured our hearts into the circle. I couldn’t believe how authentic and raw all of the women were, sharing their darkest traumas and their most blissful highs. When it came to be my turn, I sobbed and poured my own heart into the circle and was met with so much love, respect and comfort, I was astounded. They all looked at me with such reverence and they all held a space of pure love. I had never experienced anything like it.

I decided to stay in Guatemala for a couple months, hungry to learn more about these sacred circles. And with each one I went to, my heart cracked open and I saw the pure power of unconditional love. Where has this been all my life? I would wonder.

I was blessed to have had such an amazing teacher and friend who guided these circles. She truly was meant to hold space for women in this way. She returned to Europe around the same time I departed for the United States and so I was left still whirling from the magic of these circles. A few months later, I found myself in Thailand, again hungry for this deep connection with women. I searched the area for a circle, but there weren’t any just yet. So, in a moment of pure inspiration, I hand wrote a small flyer for the town and found a yoga center that had a big deck overlooking the ocean. That evening, 5 women showed up and my heart exploded with gratitude. Together we shared experiences, laughed, cried and allowed ourselves to be immersed in the bond of sisterhood. It was the first moment I realized that I could truly lead these circles.

I lead a few more around the world and then settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I searched the area for any women’s circles and was astounded to find that there were no public circles. I later learned there were some closed, private circles, but I didn’t know any women in the area yet. So, I took a leap of faith and felt into my intuition and posted my first circle at my home in Grand Rapids. 22 women came to my home that evening. To say that I was overwhelmed with gratitude would be an understatement. My whole being shook to see how many women were hungry for connection. And I felt deep within me a calling to do this work.

I am so grateful to have been called to do this work.

Leading circles aren’t always easy. Jealousy, anger, fear and resentment can come along with it from women on a different path. Some nights you will feel so drained after a circle and wonder if it’s worth. It is worth it. You can do it. If you hear the call, you can overcome all of these emotions from other people. You can be a beacon of light and love. You can forgive those lost on their path.

So, if you hear the call to lead circles, follow it, with all your heart.

How did you begin to lead circles?

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