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Why I Use and Love the Mooncup

My transition from commercial pads and tampons to the Mooncup has been an incredible experience on so many levels. This little cup significantly reduced my menstrual cramps, connected me to my monthly cycle, prevented leakage on many occasions and has saved me hundreds of dollars every year. Interested?

I found the Mooncup in a rural town in Guatemala after I had been up on a long hike tampon-less and of course started my cycle. If you have been to Guatemala, you know that luxuries like organic pads and tampons are just not a thing and some small convenience stores sell just generic ones.

So I bought this Mooncup-thing at a small hippie shop for $30 and have never looked back. Why am I now a huge advocate for these natural menstrual cups? Well, here’s a few reasons why:

The Mooncup can last 5 years

This alone sold me on the idea of a reusable menstrual cup. I would go through $30 per month on organic pads and tampons and that really adds up over a year. The Mooncup is a bit of an initial investment ($30) but I made my money back after one month! I’ve had the same cup for a couple years now and it still works wonderfully. You just wash it after every use and you’re good to go!

The Mooncup does not contribute to landfills

Millions of sanitary products are thrown away every year in the United States, most of which are not biodegradable and just continue to accumulate in the landfills. The Mooncup is the most eco-conscious option because there is literally no waste! You simply pour your moon blood into the toilet, rinse and reinsert. It’s so easy. And it feels good to do your part in reducing waste.

The Mooncup is very sanitary

The Mooncup, unlike commercial pads and tampons, does not contain bleach, plastic, false estrogens or hormone disrupters. It is simply a silicon cup that does not pose the risk of TSS or other tampon-related concerns. Quite simply, it is one of the safest ways to menstruate.

The Mooncup brings you closer to your body

Probably my number one reason for using and loving my Mooncup is that it brought me closer to my body, my yoni and my moon blood. Seeing your magical blood in a clean cup is an amazing experience. Menstrual blood usually only stinks when it is mixed with cotton (like tampons and pads) and so odor is not an issue. Holding your sacred blood in your hands is a transformative and enlightening practice that I recommend all women try. Inserting the Mooncup is also a bit more personal than a tampon with an applicator, but it allows you to become closer to this sacred practice.

There are other options for menstruating naturally, like reusable cotton pads, however I do enjoy the ease of the Mooncup and being able to still be active and not worry about leaking. Let me know about your experience with menstrual cups!

If you want to learn more about menstrual cups, listen to our podcast here!

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