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Connecting to your Body and Feminine Self

As women, we have pretty epic bodies.

We are the portal between the spiritual world and the physical world. Our bodies naturally sync with the moon and with other women around us. Our breasts provide our babies with nourishment and vitality. Our bodies release sacred blood each month as we menstruate.

And yet, many of us have neglected to really appreciate these amazing bodies and all the magic that they hold. We tend to focus on the stretch mark, the flab, the stubble. We tend to look in the mirror and gasp over a belly pooch rather than complimenting ourselves for our strong arms, our full breasts, our curved hips. Some women hide away from their bodies with shame, guilt and fear and never know how to start to love themselves again. This must stop.

A huge part in becoming connected to the Sacred Feminine, to the Divine, is learning to love and appreciate ourselves. How magical would you feel if you walked into the bathroom each morning with power in your step and looked into the mirror with gratitude and love? What if you picked out each of your womanly features and applauded them?

Growing up in a very conservative environment, I held enormous amounts of shame about my body. I was terrified of anyone seeing me naked and would quickly throw on some clothes after hopping out of the shower. I was not comfortable with my body or nudity and I shunned my own sacred body. I had low self-esteem and self worth and relied on the men I dated to validate me. Years later when I realized this, I was horrified. How can we have good self-confidence when we don’t love the body we’re in?

The next time you’re in the bathroom fresh out of the shower, really look in the mirror. Look for all of the parts of you that make you a woman. Look at your body with appreciation rather than criticism. Find yourself critiquing your stretch marks? Think about the amazing babies you birthed into this world. They are worth a couple stretch marks. Worried about the fine lines on your face? Think about all of the laughter you have been blessed with on your journey. Anytime you find a “flaw”, make it positive, no matter what it is. Respect and honor your gorgeous feminine body and give thanks to the Divine.

Learn to massage your breasts with coconut oil and frankincense (your doc will recommend you do your own breast exams!) and become acquainted with that part of your body. Use Mooncups and Yoni eggs and begin to honor and celebrate your monthly cycle to become closer to your womb and yoni.

Your new found confidence is sexy, empowering and divine, and you will notice a difference in yourself as you connect to your sacred body. Roar, Wild Woman.

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