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Awakening your Intuition and Stepping into your Power

As women, one of the most incredible gifts we possess is the gift of Intuition. Intuition is often referred to as that gut feeling. The feeling when you know exactly what you need to do. The feeling you get when someone offers you a ride or asks you on a date and every cell in your body says “No!” That is our intuition, guiding us and leading us toward the right direction, toward something greater.

Unfortunately, most women have their intuition almost completely ground out of them. By the time many young girls reach adolescence or young adulthood, they no longer have a sense of intuition.

Why is this? There are many reasons, but one of the most serious is our education system.

As a young girl, I remember denying my innate feelings and intuitive motions. Why would I do that? Living in our Western culture, logic and facts are what is rewarded. In my family, things needed to make sense. I couldn’t dream of being a dancer or a singer because that wasn’t logical. That didn’t make money. In public school, logic was rewarded. Feelings or emotional driven thoughts were girly or “stupid”. Masculine traits were the rewarded ones. This comes as no surprise as our culture is very much masculine driven. Do not misunderstood me. Masculine traits and roles are highly important. However, it is not essential for young girls to be forced into the same box. Young girls and women are very much different, learn differently and have a much deeper sense of intuition and are generally more connected to their emotions. These traits are also very important to our culture, yet they are slowly diminishing.

By the time I was 20, I had no sense of intuition. Weird guy at a bar asked me on a date? Hmm. Sure! He’s probably a really nice guy! My lack of intuition got me into some trouble and some serious heartache. I lacked the basic skill of understanding good vs. bad. I had no direction or gut feelings anymore. This was scary. I am blessed to have escaped unscathed.

But it was then that I decided to cultivate my intuition, to really revive it and care for it. It took some time, but it was very much feasible.

-Listen to it when you get it

Most women still get an intuitive feeling every now and then. The most important part of all of this is learning to listen to it when it happens! Intuition often doesn’t make any "sense." This is because it’s not logically driven but rather is another layer of our senses. It is our gut feeling, our inner knowing. One of the biggest mistakes women make is denying those intuitive thoughts. I like to think of it this way: If you had a friend who called you everyday but you never answered, she’d probably stop calling. Our intuition is the same way. Learning to trust in the intuitive thoughts, despite it not making any “sense” is crucial. It sounds scary, and it can be, but it’s vital.

As I had begun to listen to my intuition, it slowly began to come back. After completing my Yoga Teacher Training in Utah, I decided I wanted to go to a yoga retreat somewhere foreign. I had my heart set on Southeast Asia, but then one day as I sat at my computer, I had an overwhelming feeling telling me I needed to go to Costa Rica. “But I don’t want to go to Costa Rica…” I remember thinking. But it was persistent and the strongest I had ever felt about something. So I went, despite my friends and family telling me that a young girl traveling around Costa Rica alone would end up dead or sold into sex slavery. (Yeah…) And on that last day of the trip, while still wondering what had guided me to this place, I met the man who is now my fiancé. That is intuition.


When you do get these glimmers of intuition, trust them. Even if they are out of your comfort zone or seem drastic, trust them. They will start to be more frequent afterwards. This is much easier said than done, but allow your body and your womb to guide you through decisions. Rather than picking apart a simple decision, just go with what sits right in your body initially before your mind has time to jump in. I like to place a hand on my womb and connect to my inner guidance and she always answers.


If you feel like you don’t get intuitive thoughts at all anymore, sit down in prayer or meditation and ask. It’s that simple. Ask for your intuitive wisdom to return, for your blessing as a woman to be ignited, for this blessing to be revived.

On my journey, there have been a few other instances where I felt a strong intuitive feeling that was extremely adamant and strong. The first, was asking me to go to Costa Rica. The second, was to leave Utah and experience new cultures and study natural health around Central America. The third, was to begin school as a Naturopathic Doctor. The fourth, was to marry the man who is now my fiancé.

Often, intuition is not so drastic, but it can be. It may be as simple as a deep gut feeling that tells you not to take the job you THINK you need or an intuitive feeling when asked out on a date or to dinner.

Intuition, I believe, is a large step in reclaiming our feminine essence and power. It’s a huge step in reclaiming out place in the world and in keeping the intuition alive in our daughters.

By following these steps, you will notice that this intuitive feeling will become more frequent. As you feed your intuition, it will return. Give her time. For many of us, she has been shunned for a long time.

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