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How to Hold a New Moon Ceremony

The New Moon is marked by darkness in the sky and stillness in the night. Once a time when women would retreat to the Red Tent and menstruate under the darkness of the New Moon, this sacred time has lost its significance in our modern world. The New Moon is a time of introspection, inner work and meditation. Unlike the Full Moon, the New Moon encourages us to stay in and practice more quiet and nourishing rituals for ourselves. This is not the time in our cycles where we want to be the life of the party or being extremely outward.

I have found that as I have connected to this rhythm of inward and outward, New Moon and Full Moon, I have found so much more balance in my life. This isn’t to say that if your friend is getting married on a New Moon that you don’t go, but rather encourages you to also take plenty of time for yourself and truly nourish your wellbeing and spirituality.

Because at one time menstruation and the New Moon were often connected, the New Moon once marked a woman’s most intuitive time. The first few days of our menstrual cycles provide us with deep wisdom and strong gut feelings if we tap into them. Unfortunately, most of us have been so torn from our own bodies and intuition. Keeping your menstrual cycle sacred and really surrendering to any womb wisdom or intuitive thoughts during your cycle is key to unlocking more of the Sacred Feminine.

New Moon ceremonies are powerful held in a group setting or alone in a quiet room. A balance of both is always a great way to honor the moon and our time to do our own personal work.

How to Hold a New Moon Ceremony-

Find your Altar

Sit at your sacred altar or wherever you feel the most connected to the Divine. This could be outside in nature, in your bedroom or at your altar. Make sure it’s a quiet and private space. Get out any sacred tools or sacred belongings and sit at your altar in a comfortable position.

Light a White Candle

Light a white candle and set it in the center of your altar. If you have sage, sage yourself and your altar, allowing yourself to be cleansed and purified.

Connect to your Womb

Your womb is your center of intuition and “gut feelings”. Take a moment to close your eyes and connect to this sacred space. Think of the magic contained inside of your womb and the huge potential she holds on your journey to the Goddess. Thank her for guiding you, for giving you sacred blood each month and for connecting you to your Divine Feminine self. Began to breath deep into your womb and sit for a few minutes, seeing if she has any wisdom or guidance to give you.

Show Gratitude

As you sit with your hands on your womb space, take a moment to reflect on the past month and all of the good things it has brought you. Maybe you had a really fun night out with some girlfriends or received really good news about something important. Maybe you are just grateful to have had a home and food and clean water. Whatever you feel blessed to have witnessed this past month, extend gratitude to it. You can say these things out loud or just in your mind and thank the Divine for blessing you with so much abundance in your life. If you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for, dig! There is always something to be grateful for, no matter how small.


As you reflect on the past month, think about how you worked towards your goals or dreams. Did you get sucked into work and forget about your dream of being a healer or did you actively work towards it over the month? Don’t feel shame if you didn’t have time for it this month, just make the intention to work towards it this coming moon cycle! Really call in your dream or highest calling in this world and imagine yourself fully living in that life. How do you feel? How do you look? How are you helping those around you? As you feel into this woman that you want to be, you are actively manifesting this to become your reality! Write it down if you feel called and think about how you can implement small parts into the next moon cycle. If you want to become a massage therapist, make a goal to start researching schools nearby.

Traditionally, the New Moon was a time to manifest our dreams and work towards it for the next two weeks and then to celebrate at the Full Moon and bask in our accomplishments. You can try this rhythm and see how it works for you!

Close your Circle

After you have finished manifesting, take a few deep breaths and ask the Divine to support you on your journey. You can connect to your womb again or just sit in gratitude and reverence. I like to OM or chant at this time and bow for a few seconds. Declaring “So it is!” is a powerful way to close the circle and reaffirm to the Divine that you are ready for what you manifested. Blow out your candle and sit in the darkness for a few moments, honoring the darkness in you and the moments of solitude.

The New Moon is SO powerful for women! I encourage you to find time for yourself on the New Moon and to spend more time doing relaxing practices for the couple days surrounding it. Baths, meditations, yoga classes, reading, hiking and writing are some of my favorite practices near the New Moon.

How do you invite in the New Moon?

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