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Who is the Priestess?

Recently, I began reading notes and journal entries I made when I was first starting this journey to the Sacred Feminine. Most of them blew me away at how open and receptive I was to reconnecting to women, healing old wounds and holding a sacred space for women to join together. It was such a sweet moment to read all of these things my younger self thought and wanted and to have created these things.

One of the entries I made was about the Priestess. I had been asked by a woman who led circles in another state Who I thought a Priestess was. I was caught off guard by this question- I had just started finding my Wild Woman and had yet to explore something that sounded as powerful as Priestess.

But I thought long and hard about it. Who is the Priestess? I didn’t look up any definitions or on any websites, I simply wrote from my heart, from what stirred something in my being. This is what I wrote-

“A Priestess is a woman who is in tune with her body and with the elements. She is wise and intuitive and waxes and wanes like the moon. She is a creator of all things: life, love, passion and grace. She is authentic and sure of her place on the earth. She may be nurturing like a calm sea or fierce like a hurricane, always ebbing and flowing and changing. She walks lightly on the earth but has power in her stride. She is the woman that looks at you and really sees you.”

Wow. How had I channeled so much wisdom back then? The words were like poetry to me. Even as I sit here, I feel myself slowly moving closer to the Priestess I described. What a magical day it will be when I fully embrace that role and embrace all of it’s wisdom.

Sometimes we are all hard on ourselves about where we are on our journeys. But writing down our thoughts, our fears, our hopes; they only shows us later how far we have come. When we start living intuitively and rhythmically, our over-analytical minds are quieted and we are allowed to settle into the pool of wisdom.

So now, I must ask you, sisters, what is a priestess to you?

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