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Why Revive the Wild Woman

The Wild Woman has been a missing piece in our society for many years. Occasionally we will witness a woman standing in her feminine grace, full of power and fertile blood and she will rock this world with her sacred energy. She is all things Womban and holds the ancient wisdom deep in her belly.

But more often than not, we witness our mother, our sisters, our dear friends, struggle with their role as a woman, as the mother, as the employee. They feel lost in their attempts to be powerful and strong in a male dominated society and have a sense of emptiness at the root of their belly. They wish to be like the woman they imagined when they were little girls. But, without many positive role models for women who seek to be feminine and in a culture where we are so uprooted from our traditional ways, it seems we all found ourselves staring at the mirror at 2am wondering what the hell happened.

Depression, anxiety and separation from self and family are the most common concerns that I see in women separated from their authentic self, their Wild Woman. I, too, suffered from debilitating depression for many years, full of anger and sadness that I could not begin to articulate. I felt such emptiness in my encounters and in myself, always longing for something I could never explain.

Learning more about the Sacred Feminine, traditional wisdom, herbalism and the Wild Woman archetype changed that for me though. For the first time in my life, I embraced my monthly cycles, I was grateful to be a woman, I learned to honor my body rather than feel ashamed by it, I began to embrace the moon and nature.

So why revive the Wild Woman? So that women may be empowered and seek to bring a feminine perspective to society. So that women may unlock their intuition and gut feelings to know safety from danger. So that women can again sit in circle and respect one another fully and without competition. So that women may raise their daughters with power and reverence and know that someday those girls will be leaders in this world. So that women may honor all it is to be feminine and also masculine and appreciate the men in our lives. So that women will be Wild Women and know who they are and what their purpose is here in this World everyday.

The Wild Woman is the empowered, wise, intuitive, sacred, nurturing, grateful, fierce, loyal and stands in these roles with power and grace.

She is the woman inside of you, waiting for you to welcome her out.

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