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How to Physically Cleanse the Womb - Part 1

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Your womb is a power center of healing, creation and connection. When we heal our womb, we heal our lives. Heal your womb and your menstrual cycle


Cleansing of our Womb space is not something talked about very often in our modern society. Our womb is such an incredibly powerful part of us and like all systems in our bodies, a cleanse is helpful.

Cleansing at one point was not needed, but in our modern world of toxins, it is vastly important. Our environment and water are full of toxic pesticides, lead, mercury and other dangerous heavy metals. The feminine care products we use are heavily bleached and laced with false estrogens sending our hormones into a frenzy. Our lotions and makeup are filled with toxic ingredients that are illegal in most European countries but not the United States. What I’m trying to say is… We live in a toxic world and cleansing helps your body restart and push out the toxins. Our liver and spleen are heavily affected by all of these things. Learn more about balancing your hormones here.

When we think of cleansing, though, we rarely consider the womb.

Our womb, or uterus, sheds once a month, but many women, whether for medical reasons or because of their form of birth control, do not menstruate monthly. I have met women that have not menstruated in years.

Or womb is one of our channels of elimination. We have 5 main ways to eliminate waste and toxins in our body – through bowel movements, through urine, through sweat, through breath and through our monthly cycle. All of this becomes particularly frightening when one has very irregular bowel movements, uses anti-perspirant deodorant (that inhibits sweating) and drinks only soda pop. Their channels of elimination are backed up and so toxins begin to be pushed to other areas of the body for elimination. Now imagine they do not menstruate! The toxins slowly begin to accumulate in the body until dis-ease manifests.

The womb can become particularly stagnant if we are not having a monthly cycle. Imagine if you did not have a bowel movement for 6 months! While the womb isn’t our primary channel of elimination, it can still cause problems. Women with stagnant energy in their womb may develop cysts, painful menstrual cramps and even miscarry. Dark blood at the beginning of your cycle is a good indicator that your womb needs to be cleansed.

Okay, enough of the facts. How do we cleanse the womb?

- How to Physically Cleanse the Womb Space -

Step 1: Menstruate Monthly!

Make sure you are menstruating monthly! If you are on a form of birth control that inhibits that, see you doctor and consider switching to another kind. When you are menstruating, make sure you are not using commercial pads and tampons as they are toxic and we can easily absorb toxins in our Yoni. Use a menstrual cup or organic pads and tampons. Probably the most difficult part of all of this though is learning to embrace your monthly cycle. Your cramps will be significantly better if you just make a conscious choice to honor your monthly cycle and the wonder it holds. Moon blood is sacred and powerful. Listen to our podcast episode about how to reclaim your menstrual cycle or apply to work 1:1 with Cassandra Wilder ND here.

Step 2: Use the Power of Herbs

Herbs like Red Raspberry Leaf are incredible for our bodies and the womb. Rich in iron and minerals, Red Raspberry Leaf helps regulate cycles, boost iron levels and reduce cramping. I drink Red Raspberry Leaf tea daily to nourish my body and womb space. Listen to our podcast about the 5 best herbs for your womb and menstrual cycle here.

Vaginal Boluses are another beautiful way to cleanse the womb. Vaginal boluses are a mixture of powdered herbs added into melted coconut oil, poured into small skinny molds and then refrigerated to solidify. Inserted like a tampon, these boluses can be helpful for cysts, yeast infections and menstrual concerns. These are a must for the practicing Priestess as they are incredibly healing to our Womb. You can buy the herb kit here.

Step 3: Start Yoni Steaming

Yoni Steams, or Vaginal Steams, have been used for thousands of years around the world to support the health of the reproductive system. Yoni steams can be a great preventative tool for these health concerns and are incredibly sacred! Listen to our podcast episode about the power of vaginal steaming here.

I can not reiterate just how important it is to cleanse this sacred organ with intention and love. Unlock the secrets of the Sacred Feminine with these tools and awaken your Wild Woman.


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