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Creating a Sacred Morning Ritual

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Morning routines are nothing short of life changing. Enjoy this blog about morning routine and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter list here to get new tips and tricks about morning routine!


Mornings are continuing to become more and more sacred for me. I have never been a great morning person but I’m learning to embrace the stillness of the morning and the potential held in this space. Creating a morning ritual is a beautiful experience. Having a normal rhythm to start each day has been empowering and meditative for me as I start each day with ritual.

A ritual can come to mean anything you want. Ritual does not necessarily have to involve a ceremony or religious gesture. Ritual can be fused into whatever is sacred to you. That may be going on a quiet walk with your dog, reading near a large window, practicing yoga or meditating. The possibilities are endless!

Over the last month, I’ve added a new practice each morning. It’s been very reaffirming to continue with the first couple routines I made into my daily practice each morning as I began to add a new one each day. You definitely don’t need to do this, but it’s an easier way to establish your ritual.

This practice of ritual has brought me closer to the Goddess, to Mother Earth and to my own Wild Woman. These mornings have been transformative for me.

Cassandra's Morning Ritual-

-Wake up slowly in a dark room

-Drink 2 cups of water (16 oz)

-Oil Pull for 20 minutes

-While Oil Pulling I take a shower that cleanses me physically and also emotionally and spiritually and brush my teeth

-I anoint myself with frankincense and put Patchouli on my neck as my perfume

-I get dressed in comfortable clothes (leggings and a dress are my go-to!)

-I drink a cup of hot water and lemon

-I take my daily supplements

-I drink 1 quart of a fresh made organic smoothie

-I begin my own short yoga practice to stretch out my body and release tension

-I sit at my alter for a moment to ground and connect

-I practice my eye exercises that reduce eyesight deterioration

My room has 5 large windows looking out into the forest so I am in a space I have deemed sacred and that energy feeds into my morning as well. My house is filled with plants, crystals, sacred statues, salt lamps and alters that create for me a vortex of healing, calmness and grace.

This whole practice takes 1 – 1.5 hours and inspires so much creativity from me. During all of this, I am extending infinite gratitude and reverence to the Sacred Feminine. You could add in other practices that bring a sense of well being within you! Exercise, breath work, a healthy breakfast, reading. Focus on what makes you feel GOOD and your day will follow!

It is possible to make a morning ritual for yourself. How do you start your mornings?

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