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How to Begin to Connect to Your Wild Woman

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be leading Sacred Women’s Circles and honoring the Goddess, I probably would have laughed in your face. Me? Noooo way. But here I am. Funny how that works.

Deciding where to start in this world of so much information can be intimidating. I have had many women approach me after a ceremony together and ask, “Where do I begin?” Like anything, study of the Sacred Feminine and the Goddess can be a bit of a rabbit hole with so much to learn. But if you start in the right places, you’ll immediately be empowered as a Wild Woman and easily walk the path of the Goddess.

Here are my recommendations to begin to embody your Wild Woman-

  1. Read Women Who Run With the Wolves

This is an incredibly powerful book full of ancient wisdom of the Wild Woman. The book compares wild women and wolves often, showing how they both have been stamped as dangerous, conniving and threatening. This book uses traditional stories that at one point were read to children and women full of wisdom, truth and power. This is a must read! It completely changed my life.

  1. Begin to Observe the Cycles of the Moon

For most of my life, the moon received little attention from me. I would marvel at it briefly at a Full Moon, but other than that, I never thought about it. I found that as I started to observe the Full and New Moon and began to make time for myself on those nights, I immediately began to feel more connected to my Wild Woman. Now if you were to look at my planner, every Full and New Moon is highlighted and doodled on! I look forward to those nights, whether it’s just a hot bath and glass of wine or a Goddess Ceremony. Just by honoring the moon and yourself, you will feel a difference.

  1. Start Seeing Your Menstrual Cycle as Sacred

A huge step in connecting to my inner Wild Woman was simply finding more grace in my monthly cycle and coming to honor it, rather than dreading it. Using a Mooncup was a huge part of this as it connected me much more to my Yoni and body and also I was able to see and connect to my moon blood. The Mooncup also significantly reduced my cramps! Connecting to our womb space and moon blood is one of the most important steps in connecting to your Wild Woman and unlocking the Sacred Feminine. See my whole post about how to make your menstrual cycle more sacred here.

After you have completed these 3 steps, you will feel much more connected to your body. You may feel empowered. You may feel like a Wild Woman.

I see you Wild Woman. Welcome.

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