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How to Create a Sacred Altar

Altars and Ceremonies are about as closely woven together as the moon and the night, so it’s important to know how to create your own at home. I often tell women to find a quiet place in their home and to make their alter however feels right for them. They may include a variety of sacred items, pictures and perhaps fresh herbs or flowers daily.

Altars have significance rooting back thousands of years where offerings were made and prayers and other spiritual practices could be held. The altar signifies personal spirituality and your unique connection to the Goddess. An altar is a vital step in inviting in your intuition, power and creativity.

What you’ll need-

-A quiet space in your home with a small table or shelf, preferably low to the ground

-A pillow or cushion to sit on

-The rest is purely your creativity! Some of my sacred items on my alter include:




-Photographs of Goddesses and ancestors

-Plants (having plants that need to be watered will help encourage you to visit your alter often)

-Bones (that you may have found in nature)

-Fresh or dried flowers

-Sage and a shell to set it in

-Palo santo

-Tarot cards

-Salt Lamp


-Flower Essences


-and any other sacred possessions

Much of my altar is from my travels around the world in search of the Goddess. The beautiful part of an altar is it is entirely what YOU hold sacred. It is your space to be authentic, free, uninhibited and Wild.

My altar changes every couple weeks. It would a wonderful idea to switch up your altar with every Full or New Moon or as the seasons change.

Almost always in a group ceremony, there is an altar in the center of the circle. The same idea applies to that and I often make sure there are plenty of candles, anointing oils and items that represent the Four Elements. (blessed water, a feather, a crystal and a candle)

Create your altar, Sisters! Email me a photo, i'd love to see what you create.

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