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NewMexico Goddess Retreat

September 27 - 30, 2018
Rodeo, New Mexico
We will be announcing our 2019 New Mexico Goddess Retreat soon! Subscribe here to be notified when it goes live!
We are so excited to announce an upcoming 4 day sacred Goddess Retreat in beautiful, wild New Mexico. With over 360 days of sunshine each year, this gorgeous desert land will be our sacred space as we reconnect in sisterhood! 
This sacred women's retreat is for any woman seeking a rejuvenating and healing experience. Surrounded by mountains, desert and plenty of sunshine, this retreat center is the perfect space for our Goddess Retreat. 

-What is included-

-4 day sacred inclusive retreat
-luxury accommodations (shared + private available)
-over 750 acres of gorgeous private land to enjoy and explore
-3 organic healing meals each day prepared by our chef
-unlimited drinking water and organic coffee + tea
-unlimited pool use
-incredible hiking trails to explore
-goddess yoga daily
-unlimited hot tub use
-sacred moon meditations
-sacred fire ceremonies
-manifestation workshops
-womb healing discussions and practices
-moon wisdom + workshops
-crystal healing workshops
-ecstatic dance by firelight
-nature excursions
-sacred workshops
-and so much more!
This empowering Goddess Retreat includes everything you need for a healing and restorative weekend. Your luxury accommodations, all organic meals, pool and hot tub use, yoga classes and all workshops are included for you during this weekend! 
Within this sacred space, you feel empowered, seen, respected and honored.
Whether you are looking for a weekend in nature, space to reconnect to yourself or if you have felt called to learn the sacred ways of the feminine, this weekend is for you!

"Participating in this retreat left me with much more than I bargained for. Not only did I connect with amazing and strong women, I also became aware of just how strong and amazing I am as well. I became incredibly empowered in my own divine womanhood. I was able to heal pieces of myself that I never thought possible and wake up parts of my soul that I didn't know existed. This experience is an incredible tool for woman and I would recommend it to everyone I know."

- T. Hoyt


What food is included in this retreat?
All meals are provided for you during this sacred retreat. Our lovely chef will be preparing all 8 organic meals for you with love and intention. We are happy to accommodate any dietary restriction, including vegan or gluten free. 
What type of  yoga will we be practicing?
Each day we will be practicing Wild Goddess Yoga, a sacred combination of traditional Hatha yoga and the Sacred Feminine. These classes are all-levels accessible and are an empowering way to start each day!
Where are we staying?
We are staying at a magical lodge on over 750 acres. The lodge is near Rodeo, NM which is in Southwestern New Mexico. This beautiful land has a variety of hiking trails to explore as well as courtyards and a pool area to soak in the sunshine. 

"For the past couple years community has been the greatest theme of my life. I have found it in pieces in the yoga and travel worlds but I was still seeking more. During the retreat, I really came to see that the community I was craving was being with a group of like-minded women. I left the retreat with my heart on fire feeling more connected to my femininity than I have in years. I was so grateful for the wonderful workshops and really blown away at how much value I received out of these three days. If you are on the fence about attending, please let it be a "YES." Every woman deserves to connect with their sisters in this sacred way. I will be back for more. Many thanks, Cassandra." 

- Carly B.


-Private Rooms-
King Bed - sold out
Queen Bed - sold out
-Double Occupancy Rooms-
King Bed - sold out
Queen Bed - sold out
Twin Bed - sold out
-Shared Room (4 guests)-
Twin Bed - sold out
This retreat includes everything for the 4 day weekend - lodging, all organic meals, yoga and meditation daily, all workshops and use of private land.
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See our refund policy.
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