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Naturopathy Initial Consultation ~

Cassandra Carlson-Wilder is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and Traditional Naturopath, specializing in women-specific conditions and preventative care. Deeply passionate about empowering women to heal themselves, Cassandra is the owner and creator of Empowered Natural Health. She offers in-person and online sessions to people around the world who want to feel good in their bodies and empowered by their health.

Cassandra has worked with women with

the following conditions:

-chronic yeast infections

 -reoccurring cysts

-amenorrhea (absence of menstrual cycle)



-painful menstrual cycles

-difficulty conceiving

-irregular cycles


-leaky gut 

-thyroid imbalances

-digestive concerns and bloating

 -eczema and skin related disorders

-parasite imbalances

-food sensitivities



Cassandra offers women the space to be heard while actively searching to find the root concern of each health condition. 

Initial Consultation ~

In our first session, we will take an hour to talk and go through your health history. Spanning from childhood to the present time, we will go over the full spectrum of your health. An in-depth intake form will be emailed to you prior to the appointment and emailed back at least a day before your session. 

Because Naturopathy looks at the entire body - the physical, mental, emotional and beyond - you will be able to share your health story and goals for your health.

Follow-up Consultation ~

After our initial consultation together, we will schedule follow-up sessions to go over your health development and add additional suggestions. We recommend meeting every 4 - 6 weeks for best results. 

What does each session include?

Your session includes 1:1 time with Cassandra as we discuss your health history and make empowered suggestions for healing. Healing modalities may include herbal supplementation, bodywork therapies, flower essence therapy, nutritional support, lifestyle shifts and more. Every session is different because every person is different!

Reserve your Session~

This session is available via online video call or phone

Pricing -

Consultations are $250 for an hour session


Purchase your session here



Payments are due in full before each session. If you are interested in booking a six session package, discounts are available.

To reserve your spot, please message us below!