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Our Manifestation Guidance session is a powerful space that focuses on your manifestation potential. During this hour long session, you will learn how to fully attract and achieve what you want in life with personal support. This session can be used to learn how to manifest, to receive support in writing and creating your manifestations or to help manifest them into reality. The study of manifestation is vast and this will give you more tools to manifest with ease and grace.

If you have just begun to study the sacred and ancient practice of manifestation, this session will be incredibly helpful in supporting you in the elements, or guidelines, of manifestation. If you are a seasoned manifester, you will find some new tools to take your practice to the next level.

Manifestation can be used to align anything into your life and is one of the most powerful tools that we can tap into to make huge shifts in our lives!

Some common reasons women book this session ~

-seeking guidance on how to manifest powerfully

-wanting to dive deeper into manifestation in order to attract large alignments into your life

-wishing to be heard and honored as you share you manifestation in depth

-wanting to be witnessed by another sister

-ready to step into the role as creator of your reality!

What does the session include?

Your session includes 75 minutes of discussion, meditation, breath work and affirmations! You will have the space to share in depth what you seek to manifest and then together, we create your manifestation. Having a healing and divine space for you as you create your manifestation is not only hugely powerful, but will also support your manifestation in aligning perhaps sooner or more authentically. Whether you are wanting to learn more about manifestation or if you manifest regularly, this session will offer you more clarity, empowerment and connection. 

Reserve your Session~

This session is available via online sessions with the platform Zoom. If you would prefer a phone session instead, we honor that. 

Pricing - $108 for 75 minutes


Payment to be made before session

To reserve your spot, please message us below! Thank you! We celebrate you for taking this sacred step!

Thank you! We will be in contact soon!

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