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Interviewing Brandon Navratil of Inspire Wild Media



1.     What inspired you to become a wildlife videographer?

I’ve been inspired by wildlife, filmmaking, photography, and cinematography since I was 6 years old. Ever since I first discovered what a Siberian tiger was, or a scarlet macaw, the Amazon jungle, and realized there were people traveling the world professionally photographing and filming these animals, I knew my mission in life is to do the same. Video, film, cinematography, and wildlife photography have always held a special place in my inspiration because it is a way to tell a story. These stories communicate a wild, raw, inspirational world of nature and animals that are truly amazing. I always dreamed of being a professional wildlife cinematographer, videographer, and filmmaker sharing stories with the world to inspire, educate, and motivate audiences. It is my life’s purpose and mission to bring these wild places and amazing creatures to the world.



2.     What has been the most incredible thing you’ve ever filmed?


The most incredible, amazing, and surreal thing I have ever filmed is the mighty, majestic 

blue whale. The blue whale is the largest creature to ever live on this planet. I have always been fascinated by large scale animals or events. I have always dreamt of filming underwater and there is no experience on land like being close to large animals underwater. The ocean doesn’t have fences, there is nothing to force an animal close to you when you’re filming, so to share in the presence of such a massive, powerful, graceful, majestic whale is inspirational and life-changing. I have 5 animals I have personally always wanted to see in the wild, ideally professionally film, and the blue whale has always been number one. I mean, can you imagine what it would feel like to share the water with a blue whale? I was very lucky in Sri Lanka to dive with a blue whale 25 times in a single day! After 9 days of searching, finally on the very last day one showed up and stayed close the whole morning. It was easily one of the best days of my life.

3. What specifically draws you into the Yellowstone Ecosystem and areas you work?

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is a magical place. Being from North America, I have 

always been fascinated with the ‘wild west’ and the Rocky Mountain habitats. I will never forget my first time driving into Yellowstone. I was pulled over to photograph the mountains, snow, and landscape when a herd of bison came marching down the road! I had never seen this animal before, or anything like it. That season I was lucky enough to see black bear, grizzly bear, and 3 wolves. The wolf is a mystical creature and Yellowstone is the best place in the world to see wolves in the wild. I was able to see a white wolf, grey wolf, and black wolf come enjoy a bison they had recently taken down. It was surreal as the small crowd stood silent while the wolves magically appeared from the woods into the narrow meadow. Yellowstone has everything from mountain lions to bison, wolves to bears, golden and bald eagles, and so many other plants and animals one could occupy many lifetimes filming it all. The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is a haven for professional, amateur, or aspiring wildlife filmmakers, videographers, cinematographers, and photographers.



4.     What motivated you to create Inspire Wild Media?


Inspire Wild Media is a name I came up with when brainstorming on my key values I wanted 

My professional filmmaking, video, and media work to take. I considered how I want to educate, motivate, inspire, and get people excited about nature, wildlife, and the outdoors. I also create more than just videos. I host my own content and write, so Media includes all these disciplines. I have been motivated by my life’s mission, dream, and purpose to film animals while creating impact. I have always wanted to change the world. I have always wanted to inspire the world. I have always wanted to make the world a better place. I gain inspiration from wild places. I want to inspire the creation and conservation of more wild places. I want to convey these emotions, ideas, and stories through media to the world, so I developed Inspire Wild Media to do so. Through education and connection we can make a difference to what is happening to nature right now. Inspire Wild Media will be on the front lines of high-quality professional cinematography, videography, and filmmaking that inspires the world.


5.     What is one of your favorite sequences you have out?

My favorite sequence I have out is of a mother grizzly bear and two young cubs. The cubs 

are only a few months old. The mother is a famous bear in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. She was sniffing and digging around for pocket gophers and their winter stashes of vegetation, a popular spring snack. During difficult settings of filming I was able to film a great sequence of the cubs playing in the snow, mom hunting gophers, and the cubs learning this technique. It is vital for bear cubs to learn from their mothers. Grizzly cubs stay with their mothers on average two and a half years, so they have a lot to learn. ‘Grizzly and Cubs Hunting’ is a fun, professional sequence of a bear’s behavior in spring. 


6.     How can people be involved with the work you do?


Inspire Wild Media is a great resource for all things wild, inspirational, motivational  and educational for nature. Ranging from professional cinematography, conservation story-telling, to personal motivation. People can be involved with Inspire Wild Media and my work through a few avenues.


My website,, is a great way to get on my email list, stay up to date with the latest videos, and learn more about my story.


My Inspire Wild Media Youtube channel has an array of material I host, plus wildlife sequences, plus additional wildlife footage.


On Instagram you can find my personal world @BrandonNavratil and

professional cinematography world @InspireWildMedia.


Feel free to reach other with any questions, comments, and to connect on any of these. Join us, and stay connected.

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