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Crystal Healing~


Hailey Meadow works with crystals in many ways including crystal guidance and healing.  Meadow can feel the powers of the stones and can feel intuitively and energetically how they are helping the individual.  Meadow believes in the powers of the crystals and personally knows how supportive they can be in our lives.  Meadow has worked mostly on Crystal Chakra healing which is the laying of crystals on the body, speeding up or slowing down the chakras and holding space for you, the individual, to feel centered and balanced.  After each session, Meadow talks to you about what she felt, which chakras she did what with and will also provide an email follow up as well.  Meadow is available for crystal guidance and for crystal chakra healing.   



Goddess Retreat and Online Support~

Hundreds of retreat Goddesses have witnessed Hailey Meadow at various retreats around the world and when available, Meadow enjoys holding space and support for all the beautiful women who attend.  When Meadow is at a retreat, she will often be your first contact when arriving.  She helps you settle in, answers questions and guides you to the next gathering or workshop event.  Our Goddesses often refer to her as "Mama Meadow" for her deep nurturing, earth connected spirit.  Meadow's presence is powerful, calming and supportive.  Meadow is a GoddessCeremony Retreat Leader and also supports the online flow of



Her Story~


Hailey Meadow grew up in a small farming town in Utah south of Salt Lake City.  Meadow spent her days growing up in nature and with animals.  On the farm she had her goats, cows, dogs, cats, chickens, peafowl and horses.  She worked with all the animals on a daily basis and welcomed them in from birth and watched and held as many as she could as they left in death.  Her nurturing of others on this earth began early and her understanding of the female rhythm of life ~ newborn animals, maturing, pregnancy, birth, crone stage and death ~ is vast and deep.  As Meadow left her full time farm work she began working in Corporate America and as a Real Estate agent for 14 years.  


Hailey Meadow founded several design lines including Brydferth Couture Accessories, Wild Liberty Organic Baby Wear and Willow Naturals Baby Wear and her painting and photography, impulseART. Meadow loves to create.  Meadow and her husband built a life on the farm again and grew their own organic permaculture produce and sold what they grew at the local farmers markets.  Being the multitasking genius, Meadow also spent time working with the state of Nevada and understanding EPA public drinking water rules, regulations, requirements, etc.  This experience struck a new passion for Meadow and she began to dig even deeper into health, nutrition and educating others about various elements of health and alternative health options.  Meadow is passionate about health and trusting our bodies, our intuition, ourselves, our earth and our Universe and/or God to guide us correctly.  Hailey Meadow works with several companies and shares various supplements and aids for our natural bodies.  


After some time Meadow and her husband felt a calling to leave much of life they had built in Utah behind and to travel the country.  They had already traveled through much of Europe, driven to Alaska and around the US but it was time to make it a life for a while so in February 2015 Meadow and her husband sold everything they owned, closed their companies down, jumped in the truck with their two kids and headed out with the Vintage Airstream in tow to experience various places and people around the US.  During this time Meadow started a new design line called Meadow Expressions which could travel with her.  Meadow Expressions features beautiful crystal jewelry, wrapped in various artistic forms of wire and settings along with her newest line, Deam Terrae "Earth Goddess" which uses other "Earthy Elements" to enhance your life.  Visit to learn more about both lines.  

Meadow spends much of her time being a full time wife and mother, designer, artist, health mentor, crystal guide and healer, wanderlusting wild woman of the Earth.  You can learn more about her journey, her private sessions and beautiful crystal jewelry at

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