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Welcome, sister to our free online training!

We are honored you are joining us for this free online training! Our intention is to share this powerful wisdom with you all and inspire more connectedness between you and your body. 

You can take this training at your own pace and refer back to it whenever needed!

What is the Womb?

The Womb, or Uterus, is a reproductive organ located in the pelvic region. The womb is where an embryo or fetus will grow until birth and if fertilization does not occur, it is also where the endometrium lining will slough off each month - this is known as a menstrual cycle. 

Beyond these anatomical and physiological points, the womb is also where we as women do many things. The womb is the seat of our:


-sense of empowerment

-ability to feel joy

-connection to femininity

-space where trauma may be stored

As you are here reading all of this, I am going to ask you to ask yourself the following questions:

Do you feel happy, vibrant and purposeful in your life?

Are you determined and feel able to create what you desire?

Are you creative or do you have a creative outlet?

Do you feel shame in being a woman?

Do you have healthy menstrual cycles?

What is your connection to your menstrual cycle? 

Do you feel that you have intuition or do you have regular "gut feelings?"

Have you experienced physical or emotional trauma?

Bring a hand to your low belly, just above your pubic bone for a moment. What is the immediate feeling you get touching this space?

These questions are not intended to create self judgement but rather, they are gently probing you to tune into this space. If you are feeling like you want to grow your connection to your womb, I am so happy you are here! 

Understanding the Womb  means Understanding Ourselves

So, we can see that the womb houses a lot for us as women! Sense of empowerment and joy, intuition, connection to our bodies and so much more. 

Cultivating a connection to your womb is a powerful practice. As you understand your body and the shifts your body moves through each month, you will also understand yourself on a deeper level too. 

This FREE online program will help you feel that connection even more!

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