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Private Sessions


Cassandra Carlson-Wilder is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor and Traditional Naturopath, specializing in women-specific conditions and preventative care. Deeply passionate about empowering women to heal themselves, Cassandra is the owner and creator of Empowered Natural Health. 

If you are looking for holistic support on your wellness journey, we are happy you are here!

Flower Essences are one of Cassandra's deepest passions as they are powerful tools for supporting emotional health. Flower Essences are safe and have zero side effects. Primarily energetic healing, flower essences provide subtle and gentle support to different areas of the body to provide balance. 

Cassandra often suggests flower essences for the following cases ~ depression, anxiety, disconnect from self, chronic fear, inability to focus, feelings of being overwhelmed, rage or deep rooted anger, inability to say no or speak one's truth, deep sadness and uncontrollable negative thoughts. 

Why Women Book this Session ~


-feeling discouraged about emotional turmoil 

-inability to control thoughts or negative patterns

-seeking healthy emotions and healthy expressions of them

What does the session include?

Your session includes 1:1 time with Cassandra as we discuss your intentions and experiences. In our 30 minutes together, we will determine what support you need and what flower essence will support you best. After our session, I will mail you your personalized flower essence so that you may continue your healing journey!

-Reserve your Session-

This session is available via online sessions with the platform Zoom. If you would prefer a phone session instead, we honor that. 

Pricing - $45 for 30 minutes

Price includes a customized flower essence mailed to you after the session

Payment to be made before session

To reserve your spot, please message us below! Thank you!

Thank you! We will be in contact soon!

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